Major fire at Beaulieu Farm

A violent fire broke out in mid-day Friday in a barn at Beaulieu Farm in Waterville, not far from the Lennoxville area. No injuries are reported. There were no animals on site.
Atleast nine fire trucks from Sherbrooke, Compton and Waterville were dispatched on Route 147 around 13:00. Under the force of the flames, the building eventually collapsed. There was no visible flames of the road a little before 15h.

Farm silos are still standing, but have been exposed to very high temperatures. Firefighters are therefore in surveillance mode to avoid the collapse of structures.

According to the firefighters, there was propane in the barn which was the prey of the flames. The barn housed agricultural machinery that the owners seem to have had time to shelter.

Firefighters watch a house near the barn.

There is no aqueduct. Tankers had to bring the water on site, which made the work of the emergency services difficult.

According to neighbors, the fire started very quickly around 12:30. The roof of the barn collapsed just 45 minutes later.

A huge plume of smoke was visible for miles around.

The area was to be avoided.

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