Mainstreet International Relations Survey: Trudeau still best suited to defend Canada’s interests

At two months before the poll, and despite his “famous” trip to India that was ridiculed, Justin Trudeau is still the party leader that Canadians consider best suited to defend Canada’s interests on the international stage, according to a report. Mainstreet survey. But it is his conservative rival Andrew Scheer that they trust most to work with the Trump administration.
The advantage of Mr. Trudeau for relations with the world, says the pollster Steven Pinkus, is not very large: 36% against 31%. “Conversely, the advantage of Mr. Scheer to maneuver with the Americans is much greater, 10 points, probably because the Conservatives are closer to the Trump administration, politically and philosophically,” he said. -he.

As this is the most important bilateral relationship for Canada, it could work for the Conservatives in this fall’s election. But it could also be a double-edged sword, strategically speaking, since the Mainstreet poll also reveals that a strong majority of Canadians want Canada to distance itself from US foreign policy: 76% are of this opinion against 22% who are of opposite opinion and 12% undecided. “And that’s not surprising either,” says Pinkus: “You do not need to know Canada much to know that Donald Trump would have had much more difficulty getting elected here than in the United States.”

In addition, the probe also shows a fairly nuanced portrait of immigration. A majority of 52% believe that restricting illegal immigration should be one of the federal government’s international relations priorities, compared to 37% of the opposite opinion and 11% undecided. But it also shows a great openness to “legal immigration, like accepting more refugees fleeing violence”: more than two-thirds (68%) believe that the government should encourage it.

Finally, although Russia has made headlines in recent years with apparent attempts to manipulate Western public opinion on social media, Canadians still view China as a bigger opponent. As many as 69% believe that Ottawa should work to counter the influence of the Middle Kingdom on the international scene, while 62% have this opinion about Russia.

The survey was conducted by automated telephone interviews on July 30th and 31st of 2463 adults. A sample of this size has 19 chances out of 20 to be accurate to within ± 2%.

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