Magogois oppose new traffic lights

The idea of ​​setting up traffic lights at the intersection of Merry North and Hatley Streets in Magog does not please everyone. Two citizens also took advantage of the most recent meeting of the Magog City Council to oppose the realization of such a project.
Aformer municipal councilor in Magog, Serge Gosselin made a long speech at the microphone, Tuesday night, to invite members of the council to think carefully before going ahead with the installation of traffic lights at the airport. corner of Merry and Hatley Streets.

From the beginning of his speech, Mr. Gosselin said he knows the intersection very well because he “crosses it several times a day for more than 35 years”. He also recalled that it has been the subject of many discussions, over the years, without a quick fix is ​​never found.

According to the former city councilman, Hatley’s angle Merry – usually comes back to the fore when an accident occurs at that location. The most recent one has involved a cyclist 80 years earlier this summer. His daughter, Nathalie Simard, has publicly pleaded for increased security at the intersection of the two streets.

“I want to sympathize with the lady whose father was hit by a vehicle, but please do not jump to conclusions. A tourist may have misinterpreted the signs and caused the accident. On the other hand, I do not understand why we are doing a major transformation here because of this event, “said Serge Gosselin.

Mr. Gosselin proposes instead to improve signage for cyclists and pedestrians in the problem area. He also suggested moving the existing bike path along Bellevue Street or moving the pedestrian crossing to the Merry – Hatley intersection.

For his part, Roger Croteau argued that the installation of traffic lights would lead to “terrible congestion” in the area. He believes that this should be avoided at all costs as a railroad crosses the Merry nearby.

“Development will continue in the next few years and we are ready to put $ 500,000 on traffic lights. Instead, why not build a bridge at the end of Sherbrooke Street to divert some of the traffic? Asked Mr. Croteau.

Mayor Vicki-May Hamm responded that building a bridge over the river is an idea that is resurfacing regularly. However, this proposal was never retained.

“The layout and layout of the bike path may need to be reviewed. It’s a lot of cars, cyclists and pedestrians crossing each other in one place, “said Ms. Hamm.

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