Loving a teenager “to the point of going to jail”

Trois-Rivières – Patrick Meza, a 44-year-old from Trois-Rivières, pleaded guilty to luring on Thursday at the Trois-Rivières courthouse. The man acknowledged at the same time having correspondence and contacts with a girl aged 15 at the time of the facts, with whom he had developed a relationship so that the girl, who suffers from a slight disability intellectual, fell in love with him.
Thee Meza Patrick trial was to begin Tuesday on four charges related to this case. However, discussions between the Crown and the defense on this issue resulted in the recording of a guilty plea on only one count on Thursday, namely, luring. The man will likely have to go to prison in the next few weeks, when a joint nine-month jail sentence has been proposed by both parties to Justice David Bouchard.

According to the evidence reported to the court, the events occurred between August 17 and September 17, 2017. The young woman, whose identity is to be silenced, met Meza in her neighborhood while they were living. a few hundred meters from each other. A relationship of trust quickly developed between the girl and the accused, to the point where she fell in love with him. Meza would have gone to the home of the girl’s mother to tell him she could trust him.

Several emails and phone calls were exchanged. In this correspondence, which was filed in evidence, Meza and the girl were discussing that she wanted to live with him, get married and even have five children. Meza also wrote that if she wanted five children, that’s what he wanted too. On other occasions, he was referring to the fact that he was anxious to make love to her, and that he loved her “to the point of going to jail”.

On at least one occasion, the two also spent a night together in the accused’s pickup truck at Notre-Dame-du-Cap Shrine where they discussed sex, kissing and hugging each other. However, the evidence did not establish that there could have been sexual contact between the two persons during that night.

The girl’s mother had told Patrick Meza that she disapproved of having contact with her daughter, and had already told her not to see her again. On September 17, 2017, she found that the two were still in contact and then warned the police. She complained to the police despite her daughter’s protests. The latter, a few days later, fled the home to go near the house of Meza, where she was found and finally supported by the Directorate of Youth Protection.

In his plea of ​​guilty, Patrick Meza made a point of addressing the judge, indicating that he had never been in his intentions to abuse or benefit from this girl, to have children or to make her life with her. Meza said that he had felt very fragile in the young woman, and that he feared that she might one day make a suicide attempt. The accused indicated that he had “written down what she wanted to hear”. He says that he acted “in order to give her back the flame, to restore her confidence in her,” that she understands that although she did not have a good self-esteem, it was possible that man can be interested in her.

The 17-year-old girl also made a point of addressing the court, saying that throughout the court process she had feared the reaction of others, and said she had suffered a great deal of stress from with legal proceedings. However, the girl said she was happy that she did not have to testify in a lawsuit and today wants to turn the page on this whole story.

Crown Attorney Catherine Lemay and the accused’s lawyer, Pénélope Provencher, have announced that a joint nine-month sentence suggestion will be sought from the judge, along with a three-year probation. years in which he will have to undertake sexological follow-up.

Justice Bouchard is expected to render his decision on the award on October 4.

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