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CHRONICLE / We knew the know-how and the effectiveness of the “Live from the universe” team. But Saturday, we had the most spectacular proof of his resourcefulness and his ability to reorient in record time. Barely five days after the cancellation of Patrick Bruel, Normand Brathwaite was kidnapped to offer him a show that was not improvised. For real, I was without words in the credits.
PThere was nothing in this hour to suggest the nervousness that must have been the life of France’s Beaudoin team for less than a week. It was rather used as a lever to offer the best show possible. “Who has the right?” Hummed Normand Brathwaite, when the host went to wake him up at his residence in Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford. We had great moments, like Claude Dubois, come to take one of his most beautiful, I remember again, despite the disease. And the surprise arrival of the divine Sarah Slean, in front of whom the guest escaped: “to die to me, to cuddle!” To see Normand incredulous to hear his son Edouard – “you sing?” Saw it articulate – made part of the unique moments of this show. And to “complete” us,Song to last forever, the most beautiful love song of all time according to Brathwaite. How not to shed a tear in front of so much beauty?

The absence of Patrick Bruel has of course attracted curiosity; 926 000 viewers were at the rendezvous, Saturday on ICI Télé. Not a record, but almost – only the Celine Dion special and the shows for Luc Dionne, Guy A. Lepage and The Black Dog Inn did better. In Télé-Québec, the premiere of That year attracted 123,000 fans and the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival receives Belle and Bum, 113,000. Friday, the premiere of Make me laugh! with Penelope McQuade has retained 364,000 viewers on ICI TV, against 542,000 for the talent to spare: the world championship at TVA.


Hosted by Véronique Cloutier, the Gemini Awards Gala has made a spectacular leap in polls, attracting 1539,000 viewers Sunday, against 1291,000 last year. In three years, the evening has won 500,000 viewers on ICI TV. No wonder the broadcaster has already announced that Véronique Cloutier will be back in action next year. The gala has also seen a good increase, holding 1017 000 curious, compared to 796 000 last year. As for the post-Gala, it attracted 164,000 night owls. TVA, the special program Au coeur de Révolution: season 1 was seen by 666 000 viewers.

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