Leakage: Desjardins must evolve, says Minister Eric Girard

QUÉBEC – Desjardins must evolve, among other things, in its risk management and governance practices of the Board of Directors.
This was stated by Finance Minister Éric Girard on Wednesday, in the light of the latest revelations regarding data theft at Desjardins.

On Tuesday, the cooperative movement announced that the malicious employee behind the vast data theft last summer had also had access to information from 1.8 million credit card holders.

“It’s undeniable that Desjardins needs to evolve in terms of its risk management practices, cybersecurity, IT risks, information technology, governance of the board of directors, we are moving on, evolution,” he said. Eric Girard asserted in a press scramble Wednesday morning before going to the cabinet meeting in parliament.

“This incident should not have happened,” he said. In particular, compartmentalizing access to data is one of the best practices, he suggested.

“Did Desjardins have the best practices? You answer your question, “replied ironically Minister Delegate for Digital Transformation Government, Eric Cairo.

“When you steal 8 million personal information about your customers, it’s because there was a security breach, it’s clear.”

He says there has been a lot of focus on the external threat in organizations, but it may have been too long to “underestimate the internal threat”, but now is the time to correct the situation.

Mr. Girard nevertheless indicated that Desjardins still has all his confidence.

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