Leak of Public Safety Documents: Two SQ Top Ranks Call for Action from Quebec

Two senior members of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) are calling for an urgent intervention by the government to stop media leakage of documents belonging to the police and the Ministry of Public Security. Leaks they consider illegal.
Caroline Grenier-Lafontaine and his spouse André Boulanger retained the services of lawyer Guy Bertrand to defend them throughout the saga of document leaks at the Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit (UPAC).

The investigative bureau of the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec revealed last Thursday that Ms. Grenier-Lafontaine is suspected of misleading the investigation leading to the arrest of MP Guy Ouellette in October 2017.

M e Bertrand assesses that the documents were photographed and accompanying article are highly confidential and are normally consulted by only a handful of people. A document of criminal allegation from the Ministry of Public Security so in the media, “this is the first time in Quebec that to happen,” believes M e Bertrand, who calls the leak “massive destruction operation “.

On Thursday, his clients responded by sending a letter to Prime Minister François Legault, Public Safety Minister Geneviève Guilbault and Minister of Justice Sonia Lebel.

The letter, sent by M e Bertrand to the media, claiming that the government “take all necessary measures” to stop this kind of leakage in the Ministry of Public Security. “It’s your responsibility to find the culprit (s),” the lawyer wrote to the prime minister.

M me Grenier-Lafontaine is convinced that criminal offenses were committed in order to obtain the document criminal allegation and requested the opening of an investigation.

Independent investigator?

M e Bertrand hope the government will appoint an independent investigator to shed light on this matter. According to him, the person who leaked the documents could be charged with theft, fraud, obstruction of justice and contempt of court.

The lawyer also considers that journalists and the media are not allowed to publish such documents, if they know or ought to know that these elements of investigation were obtained fraudulently. “We look at all the possible remedies,” he says.

For M e Bertrand, such leaks have the effect of undermining the judicial authority and credibility of the police. “It’s a lot of revenge.”

His clients, who have been assigned to administrative duties within UPAC, are currently on sick leave. “We do not know who to go to for help. Because obviously inside, people think it’s us, the culprits, “says the lawyer, speaking on behalf of Ms. Grenier-Lafontaine and Mr. Boulanger.

André Boulanger was the right hand man of UPAC director Robert Lafrenière, before he resigned, while his wife Caroline Grenier-Lafontaine led the Project A investigation, which aimed to find the people responsible for the leaks. documents at UPAC. The Project A investigation led to the arrest of MP Guy Ouellette, who was never finally charged.

Mr. Boulanger is the one who gave the go-ahead for the arrest of MP Ouellette. He has always denied having trapped Mr. Ouellette or intimidated him, steadfastly defending the investigation techniques of the UPAC.

Amélie Paquet, the press secretary of the Minister of Public Safety Geneviève Guilbault, confirms to Sun that the government did receive the letter M e Bertrand. “We will take the time to analyze. We will not comment further. “

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