Lac-Mégantic tragedy: the class action no longer targets Tom Harding

The Farnhamian Thomas Harding, the operator of the train derailed and then exploded in Lac-Mégantic on the night of July 6, 2013, will not be subject to the civil lawsuit filed by the victims of the railway tragedy, learned Radio-Canada Estrie , Friday.
Sccording to the corporation, the lawyer representing some 5,000 applicants the Class M e Daniel Larochelle, filed a motion to exclude Mr Harding of the proceedings at the court of Lac-Mégantic Friday post midday. The court is expected to make its decision next Friday, it is reported.

By excluding Mr. Harding from the defendants, Mr. Larochelle plans to call the mechanic as a witness at the trial, which is scheduled for next year, reports the Sherbrooke branch of Radio-Canada.

Claimants Claim $ 100-200 Million to Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA) – now known as Central Maine & Quebec Railway (CMQR) after bankruptcy and sale – and Canadian Peaceful.

Accused of criminal negligence causing the death of the 47 victims of the tragedy, Mr. Harding was acquitted in January 2018, along with two of his former MMA colleagues, the rail controller Richard Labrie and the Chief Operating Officer Jean Demaître.

In February 2018, Thomas Harding also admitted to criminal charges under the Canada Railway Safety Act “for failing to apply hand brakes, to check for resistance to movement to ensure that the brakes are tight. produced sufficient braking force to immobilize the equipment in question. He was sentenced to six months in the community and 240 hours of community service.

In June of the same year, a few days before returning to work for the CMQR at the end of sick leave, he was fired on the grounds that his involvement in the railway tragedy had broken the bond of trust that tied him to his employer.

Last January, a labor arbitrator canceled the dismissal of Mr. Harding by the CMQR and sentenced his former employer to compensate him financially. In the meantime, the locomotive engineer was hired by the Municipality of Farnham for a 20-week contract at his Public Works Department.

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