Kia Sherbrooke puts on the nose

Kia Sherbrooke innovates by focusing on olfactory marketing. In this way, customers and workers who pass through the dealer’s doors will be able to smell an odor created exclusively for Kia Sherbrooke.
InCanada, only 2-3 percent of companies use aromachology. According to the Journal of Marketing , subjects that experience a pleasant, home-grown fragrance in a supermarket will see their appreciation of design increase by more than 20 percent and will feel that places are significantly more colorful.

In addition, commercial olfactory immersion can increase impulse purchases by 38 percent and 78 percent plan to return to the scene.

“Still little known in Quebec, aromachology allows a company to create an immediate connection with its customers and teams,” says Christine Chamberland-Beaudoin, president of Elixir Marketing Olfactif, a Quebec company that has developed in collaboration with Bravad agency the fragrance of Kia Sherbrooke.

The theme that has been retained in the creation of the fragrance for its positive and unifying aspects is that of holidays, sun and escape.

“The result is an energizing cocktail of citrus zest and tropical notes that energizes the senses and instantly puts a good mood in the air,” says Chamberland-Beaudoin, adding that the perfume is distributed in the company thanks to a home automation programming.

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