Kevin Paquette from the CAQ to the Conservative Party

The pause in Kevin Paquette’s political world has not been long-term. Barely two weeks after ceding the chairmanship of the Commission to the Future Coalition Quebec (CRCAQ), the Granbyen is making the leap to the federal government, where he will act as coordinator for the election for Quebec in the Conservative Party of Canada. Canada.
Elected president of the CRCAQ in 2017, after having also served as secretary, treasurer and vice-president, Kevin Paquette completed his mandate at the annual meeting of the commission, August 17 and 18 last.

Quickly, the phone rang and an opportunity arose.

“As president of the CRCAQ, I was an officer of the party and as such, I had to exchange in a neutral way with representatives of other parties, including Alain Rayes, the Conservative lieutenant of Quebec, and Antoine Tardif, the Director of Operations of the Conservative Party, explains Mr. Paquette. I had several discussions with them. We had spoken unofficially about a possible collaboration. We knew that the door would be open on both sides, but we did not know when. As soon as my term ended, I received a call from them to find out if I was interested in getting involved with them in organizing the election campaign. ”

No question, however, of “putting your face on a pole”. ” It does not interest me ! “Says the student, who prefers to get involved behind the scenes and in campaign operations.

The jump in federal politics is also a very recent avenue for those who will pursue their full-time studies in business administration during the election campaign. “I’ve always been a guy closer to provincial politics. Federal politics has never been part of my career plan. In fact, I do not know yet if I want to make a career in politics, “says the Granbyen.

Key role

This will be the fifth election campaign of the 22-year-old, who was first involved as a volunteer during the 2012 and 2014 election campaigns. He then became a member in good standing and a CAQ officer. that he took part in the by-election of the riding of Arthabaska, a part of the country federally represented by Alain Rayes, whom he had met on that occasion.

Then followed the by-election in Gouin in 2016, then the 2017 by-election, where he notably worked to elect Geneviève Guilbault in the riding of Louis-Hébert, and the general election of 2018.

“An election campaign is a very short time experience, but extremely stimulating! Says Kevin Paquette, who, as Quebec’s election coordinator, will play a key role in the next race.

As the Quebec Election Co-ordinator – only two people in the party in the province – Granbyen will be a front-line worker with candidates and their local associations.

“Our role is to provide support to provincial nominees,” he says. It can be to decline local impacts … ”

Mr. Paquette plans to leave his Ottawa office a few times during the election campaign to take the pulse of the population. “I’m going to go out there and meet the candidates on site, to see how our messages are being received,” he says. I want to bring my knowledge of the field, to report on how things are going in Quebec. ”

Common values

Mr. Paquette says he chose the Conservative Party of Canada because of his respect for provincial jurisdiction. “I am a Quebec nationalist, but not a separatist,” says the young man. In my opinion, the Conservative Party is the only federal political party that recognizes the specificity of Quebec. ”

He also believes that the party led by Andrew Scheer is the one that best manages public finances. “I wish us a federal government that lives up to its means,” says the coordinator. I am not comfortable knowing that the current government has taken on billions of dollars in debt by deepening our deficit. The Conservatives will be responsible for public finances and they will put money back in the pockets of taxpayers. ”

Nevertheless, the new employee of the party knows how to be a little critical towards this one. When asked what points the CCP should improve if he wants to win the election, Kevin Paquette responds quickly. “I’m pretty aware that in Quebec, the Conservative Party is a little bit unloved. I think it’s up to us to go out there and explain who we are, what our ideas are. I think Quebeckers are much more conservative than they think! “

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