Jean Boulet launches his action plan for the workforce: “We all have a role to play”

Trois-Rivières – While the number of vacancies in the second quarter of 2019 reached a record high of over 140,000, a 21% jump in one year, the Minister of Labor, Employment and Solidarity Jean Boulet, officially launched on Monday its action plan to tackle the phenomenon of the scarcity of manpower as well as two new initiatives that are found there: the Skills Building and Productivity Objective.
I also took advantage of this press conference held in Trois-Rivières in the presence of many stakeholders to announce a new measure of nearly $ 7 million for experienced workers as well as the reallocation of 22 resources to positions of business advisers in the offices of Services Québec.

“We all have a role to play,” said the one who completed his great tour of the regions.

The Regional Minister presented his Action Plan for the Workforce (PAMO) as an evolving game plan, consisting of all the structural measures related to employment announced to date and measures that will add in the coming months to meet the real needs of the labor market.

Thus, in 2019-2020, investments of $ 830 million are currently planned for public employment services to individuals and $ 137 million for business services. And $ 45.2 million is dedicated to continuing education and comes from the Labor Skills Development and Recognition Fund, which is under the responsibility of the Labor Market Partners Commission.

“The measures offered are now listed in a section of the website of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity. Workers, job seekers and employers can find concrete solutions to their needs, thanks to a dynamic approach. The section is enhanced with the addition of new measures, “he explained.

To mobilize all players in the labor market, the Minister has implemented three initiatives that shape the PAMO: Great Task 2.0, Objective Productivity and Skills Building.

In the latter case, information will be disseminated to encourage young people and unemployed people to move towards the trades and professions of the future, including three large families where labor needs are information technology, health and the management, finance and administration sector. “53% of Quebeckers have a low level of literacy,” Boulet said.

To adapt skills to the new realities of the labor market, it is planned to promote continuing training, in particular by offering training to enable workers to be trained while being paid.

Already in action in this regard, the Minister indicates that the financial commitments of his department increased by $ 31 million in 2019-2020 to support companies wishing to train their staff. Thus, more than $ 100 million should be invested for the current year for this purpose.

In addition, Jean Boulet announced the implementation of the Objective productivity initiative, which aims to support the adaptation of workplaces and access to the training needed to increase productivity in Quebec, in particular to make up for the scarcity workforce through increased use of new technologies within firms.

And compared to one of the under-represented groups in the labor market, experienced workers, the regional minister announced investments of nearly $ 7 million over five years for a new wage subsidy program that will support businesses who hire experienced part-time workers.

“Thus, employers will be able to obtain a subsidy of up to 50% of the wages paid, without exceeding the minimum wage, for a maximum of 52 weeks. This announcement meets the needs expressed on the ground to see experienced workers prolong their careers or re-enter the job market, “says Mr. Boulet.

Finally, in order to continue the efforts made by the 220 consultants to Services Québec businesses as part of the “Grande corvée”, the Minister reallocated 22 resources, which will help strengthen his staff. “This represents a 10% increase in the number of business advisers, for a total of 242,” he concluded.

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