Indecent assault: Bolduc’s half-sister testifies

“The first aggression is as clear as the last. ”
Caroline Labrecque described in great detail on Monday at the courthouse of Sherbrooke sexual assault she allegedly suffered as a child.

His half-brother Jean-Guy Bolduc is accused of committing repeated sexual acts against a child who was fostered in the 1970s and 1980s in Sherbrooke.

He is charged with indecent assault and gross indecency between 1972 and 1983 before Justice Claire Desgens of the Court of Quebec.

Caroline Labrecque was five months old when she arrived in the family of ten children.

She states that the first assaults occurred when she was 4 years old and are over when she was 15 years old.

“It has been over a period of more than ten years in many places. The first time, I was 4 years old and he was 29 years old. He was married, “remembers the victim.

She told the first assault while she was being kept at Bolduc.

“I slept on a couch. He put his hand in my pants to fuck me. The TV was open. At each assault, there was something on, “says the alleged victim who described the sexual acts Bolduc would have subjected him.

She remembers that Bolduc was never naked during the assaults she was subjected to. She testifies to the gestures of forced blowjobs, masturbation suffered and sexual touching of which she was victim.

“It’s the touching that woke me up. You are scared. You are paralyzed. At each aggression, he told me shh, hush, hush. I can still hear it clearly. He repeated this throughout the aggression, “says Caroline Labrecque.

“It’s part of my journey. ”
– Caroline Labrecque

She also remembers being the victim of her half-brother at the Prévert campground. She remembers an assault on the accused while she was in a trailer. She describes gestures of sexual touching. She swears that it happened “more than once” at this place without being able to specify the number of times.

“I returned recently, as in all other places. I needed to go back to all places. It’s part of my journey. It was not easy, “says Caroline Labrecque, who was assisted by the Kanak dog from the Sherbrooke Police Service during her testimony.

When the Bolduc brothers appeared, the victim in that case had mentioned that the accused had stolen his childhood.

It was at the death of her adoptive father that she decided to file a complaint with the Sherbrooke Police Service.

Caroline Labrecque testified that these attacks have marked her whole life.

Many times during her testimony, Caroline Labrecque mentioned that she had hesitated before filing a complaint in this case.

Elder of the family, Jean-Guy Bolduc was brought to trial in October 2018 for the acts committed on the alleged victim.

The prosecution summoned four witnesses, including the complainant, at the four-day trial.

The defense had announced two civilian witnesses.

His brother René Bolduc must also stand trial in this case.

It is Me Benoit Gagnon of legal aid who defends the accused, while Me Laïla Belgharras who represents the public prosecutor.

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