In tribute to the dog Kanak

A great admirer of the work of the Kanak dog’s assistance dog, the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS), decided to pay tribute to him by immortalizing him on canvases.
The artist Sylvie Laverdière, from the Quebec City region, has produced works so detailed that one might think they are pictures. Ms. Laverdière is a retiree from the health network who has rubbed shoulders with young victims of abuse such as those whose peaceful animal accompanies in courthouses.

“I was touched by her work and, as I like to draw, I thought of making a gift to pay tribute to her,” she told La Tribune. Recognition can take different forms. ”

“Since I retired, I can give more time to my passion for drawing and I want to support causes that are close to my heart by offering my works to facilitate the financing of their projects. ”

His drawings do not go unnoticed, could see Sylvie Laverdière. “I attended a trade show recently and everyone was telling me about Kanak,” she says.

“It was really the public’s favorite. ”

Ms. Laverdière took a hundred hours to complete her work. “I used the lead pencil, simply,” she explains. It is often necessary to erase and start again. It’s a lot of details. I like to pay attention to the small details. ”

“It’s a dog whose soul can be seen in his eyes. I think I translated his attitude well. It is a dog that has been forgotten for the human cause. He commands respect. I think you have to be grateful for animals that help humans. ”

Kanak touches the hearts of people. We can see it by consulting his Facebook page.

The animal has been part of the ranks of the SPS since 2016. Recall that the SPS has been a pioneer in Quebec this spring by adding to its methods of intervention a support dog for victims in the context of the judicial process. The first emotional support dog in Quebec is a full member of the SPS.

He is called upon to intervene on several occasions to provide comfort to victims of abuse who must participate in the judicial process.

Kanak soon became an important asset for the Criminal Investigation Division and its collaborators.

In 2016, the SPS was hoping to inspire other police services, as well as other organizations working with victims or people experiencing more difficult times. Today, Kanak has several other four-legged colleagues active elsewhere in Quebec and elsewhere in Europe. There are now five companion police dogs in the province and four more in the DPJ.

France and Belgium also have a dog service of this type.

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