ICI Tele and its 15 novelties

CHRONICLE / HERE Télé did not get such good listening results in the evening for almost 25 years. We set the bar for this new program, Dominique Chaloult’s last as CBC Television’s Executive Director, since she will give up her position to Dany Meloul this fall. An autumn-winter grid under the sign of diversity, which offers fifteen novelties.
R églons immediately the case of District 31, which is expected to return for Monday, September 9 to 19h. On average, 1585,000 viewers were at the rendezvous last winter, enough to rage the competition. The first few weeks will be devoted to the assassination of the mafia leader. And of course Bruno Gagné, who is struggling to recover from the terrible accident of the last episode. Even if we do not see Michel Charette anywhere in the trailers, know that he will be there this fall. Catherine Proulx-Lemay joins the team, and Mathieu Baron will take more place this fall.

The daytime grid is shrinking. So much so that the novelty of Sébastien Diaz, We’ll tell you, will be broadcast three times a day. First at 16h, then 23h05 and the next day at 9h30. In the studio, a round table around which the facilitator will receive collaborators from all circles to start discussions.

Examples of questions that could be addressed: polyamory, Céline’s eccentric outfits and the relevance of Maxime Bernier taking part in the chefs’ debate. Two shows are shown live, the other two are recorded.

Conversely, the youth sector receives a large dose of energy with several novelties, including a daily Quebec at 7:30, Alix and the wonderful, inspired by Alice in Wonderland . The new game of Pierre-Yves Lord, 100 geniuses , seems really exciting, with an atmosphere of thunder. ICI Télé believes it, to the point of programming it on Thursday at 20h. It should be noted that 43% of the characters in the youth series are from diversity, and the public broadcaster makes it a point of honor.

On the series side, I am looking forward to the return of Ruptures , Monday at 21h. And we saw in the excerpts that it bard a lot this fall. Mahée Paiement is one of the new episodes. We may be talking about a last season, but nothing is definitive. I am also curious to see All Life , the new series of Danielle Trottier, who keeps the box of Unit 9 , Tuesday at 20h. The images announce a rather dark series in this school for pregnant girls.

If you find Another story a little too slow, it seems that the series of Chantal Cadieux takes off this autumn, Monday at 20h. The plot of the boiled skull is finished in 5th rank, but the mystery persists about a second victim. Tuesday at 21h.

Finally, the Monster and Plan B are released , both of which are already available in the ICI Tou.tv Extra, on Wednesday at 9pm, one after the other. A third season of Plan B is under construction.

Those who have not seen Jean-René Dufort’s big laboratory and Marie-Pier Élie at ICI Explora will be able to resume on HERE Télé on Sunday at 19:30, in the old box of ICI Laflaque.

Followed by nearly a million followers last year, everyone speaks returns for a 16 th season on September 22 at 20h. Some names of guests at Live from the universe : Patrick Bruel, Nathalie Simard, Sébastien Delorme and Marc Dupré. France Beaudoin begins with the special Live from the start of the season , Saturday, September 7 at 18:30.

Speaking of specials, The children of the TV will propose eight this season: on animals, Christmas, news, and headliners Normand Brathwaite, Denise Filiatrault, Marina Orsini, Rémy Girard and Luc Dionne. During this 10 th season, Nathalie Simard agree to revisit his past in a regular broadcasts. Wednesday at 8 pm

Infoman celebrates its 20 th season on Thursday at 19:30, with among others a special on heavy metal and, of course, the federal election, candy for Jean-René Dufort.

Friday night is devoted to humor, with Poiélope McQuade’s Making Me Laugh ! , where young comedians will make guest stars laugh to their humoristic tastes.

The four galas are back: the Gemini, the ADISQ, the Olivier and Quebec cinema, who got rid of his hideous curtains. The two presenters, Guylaine Tremblay and Édith Cochrane, also chose to leave the animation to someone else. It’s at 8pm, followed by ComediHa galas! 2019.

We will have to wait until winter to see Cerebrum , who is currently furious about the Extra. A second season of Richard Blaimert’s series is already in development, because not everything has been said. Facts, The countries from above and Letting go are also expected for the winter, as well as 1st time and the last evening, the documentary series of Monic Néron, which could be updated, if the investigation evolves by then, on the atrocious death of Diane Déry and Mario Corbeil.

We had the good idea to cut I Love Hydro, documentary theater Christine Beaulieu, in five half-hours, which will be presented during the holidays.

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