“I did not do my job”: Patrick Roy takes the blame for the failure of the Remparts

With only four victories in their last 19 games, the Quebec Remparts have been stuck in a bad sequence for almost two months. It was time for the examination of conscience on Tuesday morning, and while leading a quick workout punctuated by some monologues, head coach Patrick Roy also looked in the mirror.
R oy admitted he was upset by the failure of the team. He took a lot of the blame, however, to explain this difficult time.

“I’m angry, and I’m mad at me! I did not do my job. I have to stand up. The culture of the Remparts is important, where every day, we embark on the ice and we work. It’s not their fault, it’s mine, I let them go. I let slip things at the level of ethics and culture, “he said in a press point where he did not go.

The Remparts have won only once in their last 11 games. He also pointed out to his players by interrupting an exercise where missed passes multiplied.

“There is one thing that has to come from the players, it’s the concentration. If I feel that the work ethic is not there, it’s up to me to bring it back. At some point, you have to put your foot down. When I see that we miss six or seven passes at the beginning of practice, I can not let go of that. I have to explain to them that you have to be ready when you come to train. I am responsible for making sure these fats work and follow what I am looking for. I apologized to them, because somewhere, I did not play the role I should have played. It’s not always the players who are responsible, we have to look at each other, the coaches, “he added about training held in a heavier atmosphere than usual.


Despite the negative record of 12-16-0-1 which places the Remparts in eighth place in the Eastern Conference, the head coach has not lost confidence in his troupe. In his eyes, his have played better, lately, even if the results do not show it.

“I have a good group in the hands, they will embark on what I want to do, I’m not worried. We want guys who will play for the logo, who will work and who will be dedicated to the cause of the team. But there are no benefits to not working in a practice. When we leave bad habits on board, what do you think it will happen? The next step will be in games and it’s a bit of a reflection of what’s happening to us. ”

Roy knows he’s leading 16- to 20-year-olds, an age group that needs coaching and encouragement. But this same elite can also be told its four truths.

“Talent is talent, I understand that you can not ask a player to do what he can not do. But where I can draw the line is in effort, in concentration. ”

He had a thought for fans, who support the team despite the defeats that accumulate after a strong start to the season, where the Remparts had won eight times in their first 10 games.

“We have incredible fans, they deserve more from me than I gave them. It hurts me when I see our audience down, it’s a wake-up for me too, I have to do my job, I have to be better. ”

After three defeats in a row, the Remparts will try to find the way to victory, Wednesday in Drummondville against the Voltigeurs.



Even though Patrick Roy is still thinking of returning to Émerik Despatie in the midget AAA at the holiday break, he still gives the young goalkeeper a little time to show him what he can do.

After the match on Sunday, the head coach surprised the gallery by saying that he was thinking of demoting him, so as not to burn him, to protect him and allow him to regain his confidence.

“When I saw this in the media, it shocked me. He told me that I could recover and I will try to do it in the next practices, “said Despatie.

The young man has not been left to himself since. In his interview on Tuesday, veterans were listening to the question and answer period as a support.

“Since my game against Baie-Comeau [9-3 loss], where I missed several goals, it was a little discouraged and it’s not always good practice. I have to pick myself up to stay on the team, “he added.

Roy had a good discussion with number 30. He explained to him that the role of an auxiliary goalkeeper was to push in the back of the number 1, especially when the latter is going through a difficult time.

“I always thought that the second job was to force the other to be better. It’s a bit like [Keith] Kinkaid, people say it’s not the Canadian’s problem. No, it’s not him, but he can be part of the solution. If he does not challenge [Carey] Price and is not able to win a match when he is in the net, he is not doing his job . I explained to Emerik that if he could not challenge Pag [Anthony Pagliarulo], he can not be the second goalkeeper with us, “said Roy.

But the head coach still gives Despatie a chance. “I told him that he had 10 to 14 days to show me that he can do it. I look in that direction, it was important that he knew it, but it’s only the fools who do not change your mind. ”

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