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CHRONICLE / She played a sitting prosecutor, a writer, a healer, a pedophile inmate … but never an investigator. In “Turbulent Waters”, a miniseries filmed in northern Ontario, Hélène Florent remembers the character of investigator Marianne Desbiens, returning to her hometown with a police blunder.
“It’s a quiet force, a woman who does not speak much, but very intuitive, very sensitive. She has great empathy, people have a facility to confide in her. It invests a lot, sometimes too much, “says the actress, a few days before the broadcast of the four episodes on ICI ARTV, Friday at 19h from December 13. The work by Marie-Thé Morin, a Franco-Ontarian, is produced by Lyne Charlebois and co-produced by an Ontario box, Bliktv, and by KOTV. There is no doubt that IIC TV will broadcast it in the near future.

Hélène Florent is becoming familiar with filming outside Montreal, which she has seen through the years in Belle-Baie and Consequence , two productions from New Brunswick, as well as in La dérape , whose third and final season has just been shot in Quebec, where she returns regularly since she is from. For turbulent watersit was the first time she had been to Sudbury and the Onaping area. “Local actors rarely play in French, even if they are French-speaking. They were happy to be able to do it with us. In addition, they have beautiful characters, not stooges, “says the actress, who speaks of particular shooting conditions where she rubs many local actors. “So far from home, there is more availability, we are there only for that. In the evening, we return to the hotel, without the worries and responsibilities of daily life. There is a nice closeness within the team. ”

While there is a tendency to underestimate certain areas of Ontario, Hélène Florent has retained from her stay there only fantastic landscapes. “Rivers, lakes, forests, but also mines, chimneys. The places are beautiful and we see a lot in the series. I was amazed at how close the lakes and forests are to the city. ”

Of course, the Aboriginal reality is an integral part of the series, as is the case in this part of Ontario. But also because on her return to Queensbury (fictional city), Marianne Desbiens must investigate the death of a young native, whose body is found near the river. For Marianne, who left Ottawa a little humiliated, this inquiry will take the form of a quest for redemption. With her two colleagues, played by Quebecker Gabriel Sabourin and Ontario’s Jean-Michel Le Gal, she will want to get to the bottom of things, not without discovering that the case concerns her much more than she would have suspected. “The investigation will upset the community but also its family,” she told me. In parallel with the investigation, we will follow the reunion of Marianne’s teenage son, Billy (Jacob Whiteduck-Lavoie), with his father, Joe Naveau (Charles Bender), whom he has not seen for a long time. The opportunity to discover faces unfamiliar or even unknown to the Quebec public.

Hélène Florent also appreciated the very realistic nature of the investigators’ office. “I did not feel like we were playing the police. We are not at all in an American series, we are in northern Ontario, the office is a little improvised in the basement because of renovations. It’s a small team, they do what they can. We are a beautiful trio. ”

This role happened in the career of Hélène Florent a few months after that of Macha Vallières in Unit 9,which ended last spring. A certainly marked role of a star in his career, she would have gladly played longer. “I was lucky, I had very good roles, but characters who bring you as far as an actress, it is rare.” To treat pedophilia feminine had however its share of risks. “It’s a tour de force on the part of the author. She managed to give humanity to characters who seemed unfit to receive it. When I started, I was shot rocks [figuratively]; in the end, we were crying with her. The author saw the human beyond the crime, she was not interested as much by what they had committed as by what happens after.

Difficult to talk to Hélène Florent without mentioning the recent death of Andrée Lachapelle, who played Ms. Baer in The galley, a character who used assisted suicide. “It’s an icon for me. We would all like to be Andrée Lachapelle, “says the actress, who worked alongside her for five seasons on the set of Renée-Claude Brazeau’s series. “When she was with us, she was like the fifth in the gang. She looked like a kid with us, she was old. My character was very attached to this woman, whom she regarded as her mother more than her own mother. It also marked me as an actress. ”

Autumn also allowed Hélène Florent to return to the cinema by filming The Drunken Birds of Ivan Grbovic and Sara Mishara (Romeo Eleven) with Claude Legault, Marine Johnson and Jorge Antonio Guerrero, a Mexican actor who played in Roma . Her last appearances on the big screen went back to Sarah prefers the race and especially Café de Flore. The actress will continue this winter with another feature, which she prefers to keep secret for the moment.

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