Harassment training: Legault pleads ignorance

No one is supposed to ignore the law, but Prime Minister Francois Legault pleaded ignorance Wednesday to justify the fact that he still has not followed the training designed to prevent sexual and psychological harassment among elected officials.

This training, born in the wake of planetary motion #moiaussi, has been made compulsory for the 125 members of the National Assembly, including ministers and the Prime Minister, as well as staff offices and constituency offices.

“Honestly, I did not know it. I learned that yesterday [Tuesday] by reading Ms. Richer, “said Prime Minister Legault on Wednesday, in a scrum of the press, reacting to the report published the day before by La Presse canadienne.

He promised to make amends in 2020 and to do his homework.

“By February, all members [of the CAQ], including me, we will follow the training,” he added.

The policy of harassment, psychological or sexual, in the National Assembly, has been in force since 2015. It was amended by regulation in December 2018, two months after the takeover by the Caquist government.

Untrained ministers

After more than a year at the helm of the state, 46 of the 75 members of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) have still not respected the bylaw, including all the ministers (except one, the Minister of the Status of Women, Isabelle Charest) and the Prime Minister.

Questioned at a press briefing on Wednesday, the chief government whip, Éric Lefebvre, seemed unable to say why the Prime Minister was unaware of his obligations in this regard.

He said that two new training sessions would be scheduled in February and that all the elected Caquistes should attend.

With 75 deputies, the CAQ caucus has 29 elected representatives (38%), 27 of 29 Liberal members (93%), 8 of 10 (80%) and 4 of 9 (44 %) of PQ elected representatives.

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