Guilty of abusing his adoptive sister for more than a decade

Jean-Guy Bolduc of Sherbrooke was convicted of sexual acts on his adopted sister, of whom he was 24 years older.
The 77 – year – old man was convicted on Friday by Judge Claire Desgens of the Quebec Court of Sexual Abuse committed between 1972 and 1983 at various locations in Estrie on victim Caroline Labrecque.

“You will certainly have understood that on the first count of indecent assault, in the absence of credible and reliable evidence to the contrary, the testimony of Ms. Caroline Labrecque and the evidence convince me beyond a reasonable doubt that you have touched of a sexual nature on this one and several times, without however being able to quantify the number while it was aged between 4 and 14 years “, determined the judge.

Standing in front of the court, Bolduc allowed the verdict of guilt on the accusation of indecent assault without flinching.

He was acquitted of acts of gross indecency and sexual assault, but found guilty of sexual acts of indecent assault.

Jean-Guy Bolduc listened attentively to the story of the actions he was found guilty at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

“It’s appalling,” Bolduc mumbled, as he recounted the sexual acts he was accused of having done.

At times, he denounced the sexual gestures narrated by the judge from the testimony of Caroline Labrecque.

“Clear and accurate testimony”

The reliability and credibility of the testimony of the complainant Caroline Labrecque were among other things at the heart of the legal debate.

“Mrs. Labrecque delivered a clear, precise and convincing testimony that she was sexually abused (…) Her testimony, though not perfect, was nevertheless marked by authenticity, especially when she recounted with emotion what she felt during the various attacks, “says the judge.

The events in question occurred at Bolduc’s home in Sherbrooke, at the Prévert campground in Birchton, Haut-Saint-François, at a residence rented by the accused at Ascot Corner and at his parents’ home.

Bolduc repeated “hush hush hush” to the victim to silence her during sexual assault. Much of the evidence was based on Caroline Labrecque’s description of the scene where the actions took place.

“It seems normal that a child does not remember all the details (…) In all the evidence, it is clear that the testimony is not recent invention. Nothing corroborates the claim that she was able to charge you with revenge or try to mislead the court, “said Judge Desgens.

Bolduc was married with three children at the time of his actions.

It was after the death of her father that Caroline Labrecque filed a complaint with the Sherbrooke Police Service in 2017.

The judge recalled that the abuses had been shown to brothers Bolduc over time.

Supported by the service dog of the Sherbrooke Police Service, Caroline Labrecque kept her eyes on the ground towards Kanak by flattering him at certain moments of the story of the gestures.

Defense Counsel Benoit Gagnon, Legal Aid, and Criminal Prosecutor Laïla Belgharras, will set out the sentencing observations on December 16.

The brother of the defendant, René Bolduc must stand trial in jury for alleged acts on the same complainant as Monday, December 9.

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