From Chicoutimi-Nord to Vero hairdresser

Marcus Villeneuve the “little guy from Chicoutimi-Nord” became the official hairdresser of Véronique Cloutier. For a year and a half, every time the star host appears on television, on the cover of magazines or in advertisements, he is never far away.
“I’ve been working for 10 years to get there. That’s what I wanted. With Vero, it’s the perfect match. The little guy from Chicoutimi-Nord is very lucky. I touch everything, television, magazine, advertising. I feel pampered, “he says in a phone interview.

Marcus handles the hair of the host, as well as those of Louis Morissette and their three children.

“It’s a semi-part-time job,” says the one who lives in Quebec.

Vero is unloaded in the hairdresser’s life of 30 years unexpectedly. The host, whose hairdresser of the past 22 years wanted to slow down, was looking for someone to take care of her hair on occasion. She asked references to some people in the middle and the name of Marcus was mentioned a few times.

“I received a call and I went to meet her between Christmas and New Year’s Day to make her color. People were asking me if I was afraid of missing his hair. In fact, I was especially scared that we find it long to spend three hours together! But we laughed, we talked. It really clicked, “he says.

A few days later, Veronica telephoned him to officially become his hairdresser.

“When I hung up, I started to cry. I, the little boy from Saguenay who lives in Quebec, I still consider myself lucky a year and a half later. I have done so many catwalk shows, fashion weeks. I was there, taking care of someone like Véro full time, “says the hairdresser who also has his own living room in the Old Capital for four years.

Today, Marcus talks with Vero almost every day. “We have developed a beautiful friendship. I still pinch myself when I say it! We have so much a beautiful relationship. She is so human, down to earth, easy going. We are very similar in some ways, “says one who appreciates the whole family Morissette. “His children are so fine. I am often at her place, where she has a small living room. We have developed a great relationship. ”

A celebrity clientele

Marcus had already donned Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Maripier Morin, Marilou and several other Quebec personalities a few times. This time, things are still different.

“I had to adapt to my work, to let myself go, to trust myself. In a year and a half, I have evolved enormously as a hairdresser and entrepreneur. My vision of social networks has also changed. I took a lot of maturity. ”

As Véronique Cloutier is very active on social media, Marcus was quickly confronted with the challenge of succeeding the one who has been wearing it for more than two decades.

“The fans of Vero are very close to her. At first, I changed it a little and received bad reviews on social networks. It was the first time I was confronted with this. With time, I found my own way of doing things. I want something classy, ​​sexy and assumed. ”

Marcus assures that the fact that he is based in Quebec does not make things too complicated. Especially since he receives the schedule of Vero one to two months in advance.

“I do not want the fact that I’m in Quebec is an obstacle for her. I do not want her to think about it when she needs me. The day it becomes an obstacle for me, I will arrange to resolve the situation. I often have to move, but Quebec is also near the Saguenay. I am not ready to move. ”

(AMG) – Marcus Villeneuve still has a strong attachment to his home region. He is a faithful of Panache, where he assumes the artistic direction of hairstyles since the first edition.

“I have a strong sense of belonging to Saguenay. And I like Panache. I would not have seen myself not doing it. It’s the same team, year after year. I could not retire, “says one who, this year, opt for hairstyles style very natural, bright, silky, frivolous. “It will not be too exaggerated. I want to make beautiful that puts the clothes in value. What is fun with Panache is that we have a beautiful opening. ”

The fact that the event takes place on the same weekend as the Gemini Awards Gala, however, requires him to do some acrobatics with his schedule.

The hairdresser will leave Quebec to go to Montreal Wednesday and Thursday, to prepare the Gemini. He will then take the road to Saguenay where he will participate in Panache Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, he will head to Montreal again, where Vero will hand her hair as she hosts the gala that rewards Quebec television.

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