Friendship after love, a possibility?

CHRONICLE / “Can we remain friends? “
It castling a love relationship to a friendship, a possibility? Reality oh so envied by these ex-lovers trying not to say goodbye forever. By will or incapacity, maintaining a link, as minimal as it is, is a challenge in itself for more than one couple skinned. Since the opposite is easier, turning romantic feelings into simple amability is however a project for which I shout: “Attention! ”

Distance and time

That says separation also says a reaction epic. Sometimes debased, sometimes relieved, a couple being made up of two distinct entities, of course that each of the partners will be transported by a variable range of emotions.

Depending on the reasons for dissolution, but also the characters involved, the adaptation will be a long quiet river for some, while for others, a trip strewn with turbulence.

As a result, the maintenance of an official distance, together with a shorter lapse of time, is undoubtedly the best allies to even hope to go to the destitution. Taking a break from each other, as far as possible, is a minimal prerequisite for optimizing the option of a possible healthy friendship that necessarily excludes all non-reciprocal feelings of love.

To go through the stages of mourning, to dry up the bitterness, the anger, the inner sorrow, to redefine oneself as one’s own personality, to accept the new life of the ex-darling, to recapture loneliness, to no longer hope to be prolonged, here some preambles to the friendly relationship following love. Despite its necessity, a program sometimes precipitated, sometimes eternal. Live solo his post-breakup period, this quasi-obligation.

Why ?

Commendable as this questioning seeking to know why on earth stay buddy-girlfriend after separation.

Because the epic of conjugality brings its share of memories, sharing, trials, highlights, lark. Difficult to cut the bridges definitely with this sidekick who only knows, understands, connects with this mutual past and to envisage a future without minimally to coexist. A nonsense, even a disability, for more than one.

Cursed guilt that feeling! It is only too frequently that I see these grumblers offering friendship, as a price of consolation to lessen, according to them, this harm caused to a third party. Sometimes difficult to assume their decision, they retract, at least partially by offering this nanane.

In a kind of “you-not-all-lost,” the left-winger finds himself not only with his suffering, but in addition, with the need to position himself in relation to this offer which, Let’s say it, it will only bring him inconvenience in the short term, if he is still infatuated.

Saying no to friendship, in the immediate future, is often the role of the least one.

For lack of better

Conversely, there are also these fanatics who can not give up the other definitively. Impossible. In any form, they will be ready to accept all types of relationship, so as not to put a cross on the adored. Left to suffer, to endure the worst, to eternalize the disunion, to be content with little will be the adage substitute to the very idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlosing everything. A bad idea, believe me!

Effectiveness Since the

love relationship has failed, how can the friendship persist? This is often the reflection that the witnesses of this new epic pose. Since there are people who love each other better as friends than as life partners, surely friendship can be viable after love. Provided, I specify, to leave time and air. Good luck.

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