Francine Ruel publishes a new novel

Anna’s first sentence and the child-old set the tone. “I need to mourn a living child. And I do not know how to do that. “After writing at length about happiness, Francine Ruel now plunges into darker waters, where love alone is no longer enough to save a child from hell.
Daced a latte, author, actress and teacher moved the conversation on tiptoe, weighing his words. She wrote Anna and the child-old man little by little, she said, but without wasting time. “Because I was ready.”

“But I thought about it a long time ago. Last summer, I did a lot of weeding by looking for the right formula to tell this story. Because the person I’m talking about is still alive and I’m not in touch with her anymore. ”

This person is his own son, who is now living on the street. She has revealed it herself lately. It does not prevent him, on the terrace of this restaurant where we meet, to want to avoid the “crisp” details of this complex relationship with his child, now in his forties.

“I needed to write this story for him. But I discovered that it was more of a story about the mother, about her pain and about her inability to help her child. That’s what I wanted to tell. This is a subject that exists and that needs to be addressed. When I write, I like to do something useful. ”

In this 16th book, Francine Ruel gives the floor to Anna, seamstress and loving mother who has done everything to lead his son to good port. But because real life is not always as beautiful as in movies, drugs, then a wild aggression, and finally the street ripped off her Arnaud, whom she calls her child-old man.

“I needed to write this story for him. But I discovered that it was more of a story about the mother, about her pain and about her inability to help her child. ”
– Francine Ruel

“I do not like writing and reading stories in” I “because we have no distance. I used this subject to tell a fact that exists in life and to which we attach little, because socially, it is not well seen. Society does not admit emotionally frail people. It is their fault, the fault of their parents … However, we must realize that there are fragile people and more solid people in life. It’s not easy for everyone.”


touching lace , poetic, as fine as lace, the writing of the resident of Lac-Brome tells the despair and anguish of Anna before the fall of this beloved son. The hours of anxiety, the guilt, the questions, the therapies, the powerlessness, the broken hopes, “the impression of wandering in a cemetery, without a body to deposit in the ground”, the necessary detachment … everything goes by .

“Today it’s raining. Anna leans her face on the window pane looking out over the garden. As she has no more tears, she borrows, for the moment, those who fall from the clouds, “she wrote in the middle of the story.

According to Francine Ruel, the images were there, ready to be told. Although some tips have been easier than others to put in words, slips the author of the popular Saga of happiness, before adding that she wanted to go elsewhere in this new novel.

“I wanted strong images, short sentences. I had the taste to work another literary style. It’s a 180-degree turn, I know, but I do not want to write the same book all my life. I want to remove the rug under my feet, to get out of my comfort zone. My engine in life is creation! Otherwise, I’m dying. ”

And because she describes herself as an “undeniable optimist,” she never lost hope that the light will come out one day in her child’s life, and that she will be proud of him.

Like Anna for her Arnaud.

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