Four months after a fire, Bebemeghan relaunched in new premises on February 29

Four months to the day after having been destroyed by the flames, the Bébémeghan business will be relaunched in new premises in Sherbrooke.
The e 29 February 2020, the recycled clothing store will reopen at 4711 Bourque Boulevard with Zibou shop that will share the commercial. A local twice as big located in the same building as Gymini.

“Our two businesses will work well together. I’m banking on the reuse of children’s clothing, while Catherine Russell is making evolutionary clothing. We have the same vision of green business that relies on reuse, “says the owner of the store Bébémeghan, Annick Leclerc.

The businesswoman, who lost everything on October 1 during the fire at the shopping complex At the foot of the Bourque Boulevard towers, benefited from a surge of sympathy that allowed her to put together an inventory of quality clothing as well as than to find an affordable local in the same commercial sector.

The event organized by David Gagné of Jack’o and Nadia Savard of the Kine Clinic “We unite for the cause of Friperie Bébémeghan”, which took place two weeks after the fire, had raised a large amount clothing. Several donations have been sent to him in recent weeks as far as the Magdalen Islands.

Not the end of the dream

She also received help from the Concept group, the Maxi, the Aubainerie CPC and the Bout’chou shop for the display equipment of her future shop, which she will be able to take possession on February 1st.

“The day after the fire, I thought it was the end. I can not believe how much help I received after the fire. It is really appreciated. I have to thank so many people. I lost my shop in the fire, but I had not lost my dream, “says the owner of the Babymeghan store.

Annick Leclerc welcomed this surge of solidarity by redoubling her efforts and work to revive her shop as soon as possible. Rock sport bike offers her a job that she combines with her recovery efforts.

“I spend my evenings and my days off sorting the clothes I receive. There are still people who give me gifts. There is still a way to go to join the inventory that I had, but I am very happy with what I can offer my customers. I will also restart my online sales website at the same time as the shop, “says Annick Leclerc.

In addition to the Bébémeghan boutique, the Le Reservoir hypertavern bar, the artisanal bakery The Hot Bread fantasies, the Operatorium tattoo studio, the Annie Dumontier hearing clinic, the take-away company The Charlotte dishes and the studio Glam beauty have all been destroyed by this violent fire.

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