Former Windsor City Hall crumbling under demolition peak

The demolishers attacked the old Windsor City Hall on Thursday morning on Saint-Georges Street. The demolition of the 1930’s brick building is scheduled for completion on Friday.
The old town hall was acquired by the management of Le Château du Bel Âge residences in 2016. The vacant lot will be converted into a parking lot.

According to Mayor Sylvie Bureau, the building had not found any occupants since the municipal administration moved its homes to the Windsor Complex in the spring of 2014.

“It’s been five years since she’s not busy,” she says. We had tried to rent it before, but it had not worked. ”

“This building was squatted by young people. We had to do something. ”

It was necessary to take precautions for the “brick-by-brick” demolition of a wall next to another building so as not to cause unnecessary damage, adds Ms. Bureau.

During the inauguration of the new premises of the Town Hall in May 2014, it was hoped that organizations from the region take place in the spaces released.

According to Ms. Bureau, the building must not contain asbestos, as the permits were issued.

Joined by La Tribune, Raphael Francoeur of the Société Immobilière Le Château mentions that we will be able to count on the space released to develop about twenty parking spaces. It has been needed since the Le Château du Bel Âge complex was expanded, adding 34 fully-serviced apartments.

There will also be a park with trees, decorations and benches near Saint-Georges Street, he says. “We do not want it to be just parking,” he notes.

“The park part will keep in memory what was there before. If one day we have to make another expansion, we will be able to use some of that parking. ”

The complex has 185 apartments, of which 72 are full-service. We added 12 positions with the recent expansion, for a total of 70 employees, adds the businessman.

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