Five years of renewal for Nutcracker

Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” ballet, remodeled by Cynthia Pigeon (choreographer and founding director of the Richmond Ballet Classics), will return to the Centennial Theater for a fifth year. Cynthia Pigeon will accompany her students for the first time on stage, performing the dragee fairy alongside the famous European dancer Nicolas Zemmour.
Why repeat the same room year after year? For Cynthia Pigeon, it’s not really Christmas without the classic “Nutcracker”. For those who have already seen the play since 2015, the director is reassuring: she knows how to renew herself.

“Every year, there are several changes. In our third year, it was blatant because my students were starting to be better. This year, I had to raise the bar again. It is my students who interpret all the pieces, in addition to professional dancers that I invited. ”

If Cynthia Pigeon wants to include in his production professional dancers such as Nicolas Zemmour or the one that charmed the masters at Revolution! VĂ©ronique Giasson is that she wants to offer the public much more than an amateur show. In addition to this duo are six other renowned dancers.

“It will be the first time there will be so much. Professional dancers bring a lot of richness. My goal is not to do a recital with children, but to mount the complete Nutcracker . So the more dancers there are, the more you get a professional result, “says Cynthia Pigeon.

Men, women and children!

Behind Cynthia Pigeon is a huge team that contributed to the making of this edition of Nutcracker . 30 musicians, 115 students and at least 50 volunteers support the director of the Richmond Ballet Classics.

She also mentioned the large presence of young male dancers in the room, as well as older women accompanied by their spouses, giving a range of performers ranging from 3 to 70 years old.

“The presence of several boys makes it possible to include many steps of two in the choreographies. Seeing girls dancing is always nice, but when you see boys dancing, it’s impressive! The school still has 19 boys. It brings a wealth. I also have many adults who participate as dancers. These include three mothers dancing on spikes and two women dancing with their husbands, “says Cynthia Pigeon.

She also mentioned the important commitment of parents.

“Some do not count their volunteer hours. By nature, I am not someone who asks a lot, but sometimes I have to stop them, otherwise they would continue! ”

Due to lack of availability, the Sherbrooke Wind Ensemble, which used to perform live music, will not accompany the Richmond Ballet Classics this year. The Montreal Philharmonic Orchestra will take over. This will be the opportunity to find the original score for symphonic orchestra.

You want to go?

December 14 and 15, 2 pm
Centennial Theater
Admission: $ 20 to $ 40 (students: $ 17 to $ 30, children: $ 13 to $ 21)

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