Fire in Lennoxville: about fifteen evacuations

Fifteen tenants of a building on College Street in the borough of Lennoxville were taken out of their sleep by Sherbrooke firefighters on Thursday night.
Bruce, a resident of the building, was sleeping soundly when he heard the blows in his door at around 4:00.
“I heard bang bang bang. I just had time to take my wallet, my jacket and my guitar. All my other belongings stayed inside. I do not have insurance. But at least I’m alive, “says the disaster stricken at 3004 College Street.
The fire originated outside the building, the first landing of which was occupied by a cleaner and a caterer.
“The fire is mounted by the outer wall to reach the between roof. He could brood for several minutes in the roof before he could have been detected. When the firefighters arrived, he had already attacked the roof, “explains St├ęphane Simoneau, Director of the Sherbrooke Fire Protection Service.

The priority of the fire department was to evacuate the tenants.
“The new fire station is less than two minutes away. The intervention was fast. No one was hurt. The rapid response time certainly helped to ensure that no one was injured, “says the director of SPIS.
Thirty firefighters fought the flames.
The building was heavily damaged.
Tenants including Chinese students from Bishop’s University were helped by Red Cross volunteers.

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