Fire baptism for Mike Maclure

It will be the baptism of fire for several players this weekend through the Midget AAA League of Quebec. The same goes for some coaches, including Sherbrooke’s Mike Maclure, who is the new man on whom we are betting to restart the Albatross at Notre-Dame College in Rivière-du-Loup.
Nike head coach of Albatros in mid-May, Maclure will debut today when his disembark in Amos to rub Foresters. Maclure is anxious to see the puck fall on the ice for the initial faceoff.

“Our last pre-season game was two weeks ago. Everyone has butterflies in their legs. We are making projections, but there is nothing more exciting than living the reality. We are finally here. We can not wait to compete with others with our complete alignment, “says Maclure.

At just 29, Maclure will be the youngest trainer on the Lévesque circuit. “I do not pretend to come into the league and turn the world upside down. I have confidence in myself, but in this league, all the coaches are excellent. If you allow me the expression, coaches who coach, who adjust quickly. It becomes a chess game. It’s a great challenge and it’s perfect like that, “said Mike Maclure, who was happy to have taken his first steps behind the bench of his new team in preliminary games.

“I let my assistants lead in our first two games. I watched the action from the top of the stands to better get to know the players. When I took my place behind the bench, I thought it was going fast for a very specific reason. The guys did not have a name on their jersey, their number was often different from the one on their helmet. It was an adventure to recognize them. I’m laughing today. ”

Heartwarming welcome

Mike Maclure is very fond of Rivière-du-Loup. “I was extremely well received and you know what, the city reminds me of Magog with lots of nice little corners, nice restaurants. As in Magog with the Cantonals, Rivière-du-Loup is proud of its midget AAA team. It now remains to give the fans a team that will do them honor, “he said.

Last season, the Albatross had the worst season in their history. Maclure is now part of the solution. “My message is going well. We brought back a pride, a structure, a culture. The flame has returned to the players who are determined to make Albatros a team that will give a good show and will be able to compete with all formations, “says Maclure.

The latter knows his mandate well. “It takes victories on the board. But I am there too, it must be known, for the development of players, to help them move to the next level. I did it at Hockey Sherbrooke with the Harfangs du Triolet teams and I’m sure I can reproduce that in my new home. ”

14 of 18

Mike Maclure never said so true. 14 of the 18 players he led last season with the hopeful midget Harfangs from Triolet graduated in the Quebec Midget AAA League. He himself repatriated David Côté after he was cut off at the camp des Cantonniers in Magog.

“It’s a good score, but you have to give credit to players who believe in my approach, my system. Now, I will face them in the midget AAA. I’m happy for them. Besides, I’m already looking forward to our visit to Magog on September 26th. I always collaborated with the Cantonniers and Felix Potvin when he contacted me. It will be an honor to coach Felix. It’s nothing personal. He is a top coach and his record proves it. In addition, I know that there will be my family, friends, old owls to meet me. It will be a very special day. But before and during the game, I tell you that I will be 100 percent focused on my work with the Albatross, “he says.

When you know the passion and the sacred fire of Mike Maclure, the opposite would have been very surprising.

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