Fewer compost collections

The number of compostable material collections will increase from 38 to 35 on the territory of the City of Sherbrooke from 2020. This is one of the measures to rebalance the collection circuits and to generate savings.
Pf the changes in collection mode, also note that lifting the bins will begin at 7 am rather than 8 am 30. “This way of doing things allows us to earn 864 hours annually to improve our services at zero cost,” explains Karine Godbout, Chair of the Environment Committee at the Ville de Sherbrooke.

Collection of recycling bins for some multi-unit buildings will also be done on the street rather than in the backyard to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. The measure concerns 374 housing out of the 9000 that counts the city.

As for the collection of compostable materials, it is that the tour, monthly in winter and weekly from spring, will remain monthly until the end of April. The potential savings are $ 59,455.

“The City is growing, so we need to rebalance the circuits,” says Godbout. The new circuits will come into effect in April 2020.

Among the data provided by the City, the number of compost bins on the territory amounts to 41,200 while there are 52,000 recycling bins and 48,000 garbage bins.

Deauville District Councilor Pierre Tremblay asked that the costs of garbage collection be increased more frequently in summer. Given the results presented by the municipal services, it will not ask for any more changes.

Increasing the frequency of twice-monthly garbage collections in the summer would cost $ 51,000 for six weeks or $ 102,000 for 12 weeks.

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