Felix Potvin foiled and honored by the Cantonniers

Stunned by his own organization. Félix Potvin did not expect to be honored before the first local match of the Cantonals of Magog. In spite of himself, Le Chat, as he had been nicknamed during his career in the National League, found himself at the center of ceremonies of the inaugural match of the Cantonniers.
Inaddition to receiving the honorary title of Cantonnier for life, Potvin is now entitled to his banner which was hoisted in the heights of the arena Magog before Friday’s game. Accomplices of this well-kept secret, his wife Sabrina, his daughters Félicia and Noémie, his parents Pierre and Bruna, as well as his brother Alex, had joined Félix Potvin in the center of the rink for this ceremony which moved the main interested party.

Other guests, including the president of the Quebec Midget AAA League, Yannick Lévesque, were also on site.

Potvin touched

The mentor of the Cantonniers de Magog was touched by this tribute. “I did not play with the Cantoners. It can not be said that I am a product of the organization. So we decided to recognize my work as a coach of the team. In addition, the organization did not wait until I left as it usually happens. It’s funny, but I still have a good feeling for those things. This time, I never saw coming the blow. They had me well, “said Potvin, who was happy to see his family at his side in the center of the ice for the occasion.

“Families always get bored when you work in the hockey world. I always counted on the support of mine. They proved it to me once again by being present. I am pampered. ”

Potvin barely had time to recover from his emotions to return behind his bench and lead his team against Lake St. Louis. “The guys were looking at me in a funny way. They seemed happy for me. In any case, they extended the celebrations by scoring in the first minute of play, “said Potvin, who was treated to applause from the thousands of spectators in the stands.


Renaud Légaré, president of Les Cantonniers, was proud of his move. “Felix was taken by surprise. I know him well and I can tell you that he was moved. I was looking at him behind the bench when the announcer started talking about a former Chicoutimi Saguenéens and Toronto Maple Leafs. He had no doubt in his mind and he had realized that he was the person we wanted to honor. Who knows, maybe we’ll keep it with us a couple of more seasons now, “the president joked.

Renaud Légaré deflected hockey by talking about his coach. “There is a wave of love that continues to grow between Felix and the community in Magog. He is asked as honorary president here and there; at La Ruche High School a trophy bears his name. People love his personality even if he’s a reserved guy. He is a very respectful man and I understand this surge of love for him. As a coach, it’s the best. We rebuild each year and he always manages to bring the team to the summits and championships. He is more popular than the players, “said Légaré.

Four games without a false note

The Cantonals of Magog do not want to know anything at the beginning of this season of the Quebec Midget AAA League. They remained undefeated with a fourth consecutive win by placing the Esther-Blouin College Phenix 3-1. Out of these four victories that allowed them to occupy the Levesque circuit’s command post alone, three were on foreign rinks.

Statistics just as impressive as this record of 4-0, the Magogois have still not conceded a goal to the opponent in the third commitment since the beginning of the season.

The Cantonnieres once again proved uncompromising in Lachenaie in the third quarter, being the only ones to blacken the score sheet. In advance 2-1 after 40 minutes of play, veteran Julien Bourget scored the insurance goal for the defending champions. The Phoenix was helpless the rest of the period against the highly effective Cantoners to control the puck and protect well their goalkeeper Rémi Delafontaine who faced 20 pucks. At the other end of the ice, goalkeeper Ève Gascon was bombarded with 36 shots.

The Cantoners have paid dearly for the indiscipline of their rivals by getting all their goals with the numerical advantage, the first two being the work of Mathieu Fortin and Julien Paillé.

The perfect third

With no false notes to the record of his training so far in the third period, coach Felix Potvin admits his surprise. “Because this is not a part of the game we insisted on training. We have made some good tips, but nothing more. Playing with the lead in the third period, you can learn. We want the guys to play a certain way. I must admit that they are doing things well, “says Potvin.

The latter was less laudatory in speaking of the beginning of the meeting of his protégés. “We will not win 42 games and there are performances that leave something to be desired. This is inevitable. However, starting the game as we did is unacceptable. The work ethic had taken the edge. It is the trademark of the Cantonniers. If there are players who have not yet understood it, they will have to realize it and it’s pressing. We have to start our games at the same time as the other team, not after 20 minutes like today (yesterday), “said the Cantos driver.

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