Felix Paquet takes the torch

Defender Félix Paquet succeeds Jacob Dion, another defenseman, as captain of the Cantonniers de Magog. So decided the coaching staff of the Magog training at the end of the training session Wednesday.
Paquet, of Bedford, did not have a view on the place he would take in the locker room of the reigning champions of the Quebec Midget AA League even though he suspected he was among the potential candidates for the succession of Jacob Dion. “We are a small group of veterans of which I am a part. Usually it’s the sophomores who end up with the C and A on their jerseys. Finally, I was the choice of coaches. It could have been for other guys as well. What I like at first glance is that with the group of players around me, starting with my assistants, I’m really pampered to be their captain. We are just getting to know each other a little better and the band is already united. Our interaction will be facilitated, “said the defender six feet two inches and 165 pounds.

From a distance At the same time last year, Félix Paquet had to make his classes at the Cantonniers, to make a name for himself. A year later, here he is with the captain’s title and Paquet no longer needs a presentation.

After making his place in the defensive brigade of the Cantonniers, Paquet took off to the point of becoming one of the best young defenders of the Levesque circuit. The Val d’Or Foreurs recognized his development and talent by claiming him in the second round in the last draft of the QMJHL. At the Foreurs training camp, Pack left a good impression. The latter still preferred to return to Magog where he will certainly have a greater role to play.

“It has been quite a shake for me for a year. It’s rarely trivial the life of a hockey player. I just learned it. It’s up to me to keep it going and I’m extremely positive at the dawn of the new season. I was preparing for both eventualities, either to graduate with the Foreurs or to return with the Cantoners. My place was thought to be in Magog. I am ready to help the Cantonniers to go as far as possible, “said Paquet, who will be inspired by his predecessor to be the best captain possible.

“I saw Jacob go last year. He did not speak to say nothing. He preached by example. He played an important role with young people. It’s my turn now to instill in my recruits my knowledge to help them make the transition between their former team and the midget AAA. ”

Logical choice

For Felix Potvin, it was difficult to miss Felix Paquet to become the new captain of the team. “Because of his name, to joke Potvin. Seriously, he was already acting like a veteran last year. He was irreproachable in his training, his game, his attitude and the calm he showed despite his inexperience. Felix has only to remain himself and he will make an excellent captain, “says the mentor of the Cantos.

Mathis Poulin, Zackary Michaud and Justin Bergeron will be the new captain’s assistants. “They are veterans who are happy to come back to Magog for a second season. Their influence on the rest of the team will be great and positive, “claims Potvin.

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