Eyes filled with stars

Toddlers will be treated to colorful activities for the upcoming Stargazer season. Puppets, storytelling, theater, dance, shadow theater and music will be on the menu in Sherbrooke, Coaticook and Waterville. Twenty children were even given a taste Saturday on the occasion of the official launch which took place at the Museum of Fine Arts in Sherbrooke.
Theart of stars Gorgers a draft Muses Productions and Chimera will propose this year a series of nine performances for children 3 to 7 years at a weekend per month. The next rally will take place on Saturday, September 21st at 10 am Each show is followed by a participatory workshop and a glass of chocolate milk.

“We bring artists for two days and it’s a mini tour,” explains Christine Bolduc, co-director of Productions Muses et Chimères and artistic director of the project “Avaleurs d’étoiles”. On Saturday morning, they are at the Museum of Fine Arts in Sherbrooke. They do Sunday morning at the Coaticook Arts and Culture Building and on Sunday afternoons at the Waterville Community Center. ”

For its third year, the Avaleurs d’étoiles project offers some novelties such as dance performances.

“Dance for early childhood, we do not see that often, says Christine Bolduc. There are not often puppet shows in Sherbrooke. We have many artists from the region and even a storyteller from Martinique and some artists from Montreal and Quebec. ”

“I’m very proud because I think it’s our most beautiful program,” says Bolduc. This year, we had help from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts. It allows us to have a little bigger productions even if we always stay in the small form. ”

Raise awareness of the art

Mrs. Bolduc does not hide it. One of the goals of the Star Swallowers is to put the toddlers in touch with museum artworks.

“It allows families who do not go to the museum to invest in these places that belong to us as a community,” she says. The children come and rub shoulders with the works of the permanent exhibitions. There is a contact that is made. ”

Fanny Luquet, Communications Manager at the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts, agrees.

“It’s for ages 3 to 7, so young children who are not necessarily used to go to the museum and for which it is perhaps a little complicated to go because it is not necessary to touch pieces of art. Parents will not dare to go there. It does not matter a child running in a museum on the contrary that makes it alive and that’s what we’re looking for. ”

Fair value

For the third year of the Star Swallows, all artists will be paid “precisely” which was more difficult to do in previous seasons.

And for the first time, the organizers manage to pay themselves a small salary.

“It was also one of our goals to get artists to work and to pay them precisely,” insists Ms. Bolduc. We take care of the reception of the artists, they are housed at La Bulle, a residence for artists in Sherbrooke. If you want to have professional artists with quality productions, you have to pay at fair value. It is precious for an artist. ”

Improving the working conditions of artists is precisely an objective of the project.

“We’re starting to get some money for the thousands of hours we’ve put on it,” says Bolduc.

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