“Every minute counts”

Meet Jessica Harnois is never trivial. The well-known sommelier loves people and that feels. What’s more, one quickly perceives her dynamism and the love she feels for her work. Easy in this context to become receptive to the message of this ambassador of Quebec wines.
J essica Harnois has been the spokesperson for the Magog-Orford Harvest Festival for eight years. She is also the face of Bù brand wines and delivers weekly columns at 98.5 FM in Montreal.

In early September, she launched a book entitled #Boirelocal, a book that offers several wines, beers and spirits from Quebec. And, last March, she unveiled another book written in collaboration with Sonia Lizotte: The perfect match. The latter combines Ms. Lizotte’s recipes with various wine products.

“I am well surrounded and what the public sees is not the result of my work alone. That said, it’s true that it’s going for me these days. I like it when it moves a lot in my life. I am able to lead wide and I have a good relationship with stress. Every minute counts in my life. I want to enjoy it now, “says Jessica Harnois.

The sommelier was born and raised in the Granby area. It no longer lives in this area, but has kept a pied-à-terre in the Eastern Townships, in Magog more precisely.

His attachment to Quebec products dates back several years. While the very idea of ​​producing wines in Quebec was still frowned upon, Jessica Harnois was already defending the winemakers here.

“Local products have always been important to me. And, at a certain point, I had the taste to grow with the vineyards from here. You know, I saw the rise of Quebec cheeses and that marked me. When I worked at Toqué a long time ago, it was only French cheeses that were served. It would be a crime today to do that. Why would not it be the same with wine? “She asks.

In fact, she claims that Quebec wines will impress more than one in the years to come, despite the doubts that have existed about them. “We’re only at the beginning of the boom,” she says.


Jessica Harnois started working in the kitchen at just 14 years old. She was then washing dishes for many hours every week.

“I was full time at 14 while going to school. I was at work some evenings and weekends. Two years later, I was responsible for cooking even though I did not really know how to cook. I was more in the management actually. I learned all the trades related to catering and I know they all matter, including the diver. ”

Would she have gone to university if it had not been for her father’s insistence that she enter university once she graduates from college? The story does not say. But she completed a bachelor’s degree in sociopsychology and, years later, a master’s degree in business administration. “I was an only child and my father had great aspirations for me, especially since I was good in the classroom,” she reveals.

“It’s magic”

Anyway, she felt a call for good food and very young wine. “The wine and cheese show with Gaston L’Heureux was of my time. It was from that time that I had the taste to do that in life. ”

In his eyes, wine provides a complete sensory experience. “It makes me really vibrate when I taste good products. It’s magic! “, She says, trusting to be a true epicurean.

On the other hand, when told about her success, she suggests that she always keeps both feet on the ground. “I have already experienced failures and lost money. I do not take anything for granted. I try as much as possible to stay close to my values ​​through what I live, while enjoying the gifts that life gives me. ”


Born in Granby
Holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration
Spokesperson for the Grape Harvest Festival
Creative Tastings Végas
Author of the book #Boirelocal.

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