Emilie Richard, between photography and journalism

The one who has been working for Radio-Canada for nine years first got into photography for pleasure, a decade ago. Her maternity leave gave her the time and inspiration to devote more time to this hobby, leading her to present her first exhibition at the 2015 Eastman Correspondences.
“My bosses had come to see the exhibition, and I think that from that moment, they said to themselves,” Ok, she is able to take pictures. ” Because sometimes it happens that they entrust me with subjects where there are beautiful photos to take, photo-report style, “reports Emilie Richard, mentioning for example the series of shots taken during the passage of Clemence DesRochers at the Granada Theater or for the heart of life campaign for the CHUS Foundation.

However, these assignments remain quite rare, since she is primarily employed as a journalist and too many jumps behind the goal would undermine the workforce – although, she says, the need for photos is growing rapidly. importance of the Web and that more and more journalists are taking photos from time to time.

“If I can do it as often as possible in the context of my work, well, better! Because everyday, I miss a little time, with the small, the school, the routine and all that … “confides the dilettante photographer.

Seizing the moment

With a bit of initiative, she sometimes manages to create the opportunity, as was the case with her series on drag queens: “For that one, I may have imposed a little, when even, “laughs the journalist, explaining that she was so interested in the subject on which her colleague, Fanny Lachance-Paquette, was leaning, that she asked her bosses if it was possible to accommodate her schedule for integrate this assignment – favor they accepted.

“I knew there was crazy potential! And I do not regret it, it was really one of my beautiful reportage nights in the field and they were really generous, “recalls Emilie Richard.

The goal of the two journalists was not to confine themselves to flamboyant glitter and feathers on stage, but rather to explore the underpainting and preparation.

“They agreed to show us their intimacy to promote the acceptability of diversity, as they describe it – and to be able to contribute to that, I found it important … And I asked them if there were things that they did not want us to be shown and they said, “No, not at all.” So for me it was an amazing playground! “She adds.

During the six hours that took the colorful artists to prepare, she witnessed for example a funny moment when Marc, one of the drag queens, had trouble with his makeup since he was still rather new in this practice .

“One of the steps is to stick your eyebrows with stick glue! When I saw him go out, I thought, “Well no, it can not be! Nasty job!” And the goal is to put several layers so that the eyebrows stick and do not appear anymore. Then they wear makeup over it. Marc needed help because it did not work, so his friend helped him. And in this picture, he let himself really do and we really see the abandonment in his face, it marked me! ”

The exhibition Our Stories from Sea to Sea and Other World Press Photo Activities will be presented at Bonsecours Market in Old Montreal from August 28 to September 29, from 10 am to 10 pm every day, except Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, where the closing is at midnight.

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