Donations solicited to defend against Dede Fortin’s brother

Coloc musicians launch a campaign of sociofinancement to defend against the brother of Dédé Fortin. They believe that Réal Fortin, in charge of the estate, wants to prevent the group from performing.
For years, the two parties have not agreed on the use of the pieces and the name of the Les Colocs group.

An agreement was reached in the Superior Court to leave the Les Colocs trademark to Dédé’s estate. This agreement allowed the Colocs musicians to perform shows with the name Les Colocs.

Last March, Réal Fortin accused guitarist Mike Sawatzky and trombonist Benoit Gagné, who also acts as producer of the shows, of not having respected the terms of the agreement during events that took place during last five years. He filed an application for an injunction in the Superior Court. He claimed that he had revoked the license granted in 2011. Réal Fortin asked the Superior Court to recognize the revocation of the license and to prevent the musician from using the name unless he entered into a new license agreement.

The musicians say that the license is still valid.

A temporary injunction against the musicians was first granted. The defense then raised the urgency to allow musicians to honor their commitments during the summer period. The injunction was therefore revoked pending further proceedings.

Mike Sawatzky, the group’s guitarist, now claims that Réal Fortin “made every effort to prevent the band’s musicians from simply giving concerts in accordance with the terms of the agreement and the license granted”, can you read on the page of the campaign of sociofinancement.

He raised the issue in the public square by launching a campaign of sociofinancement to pay legal fees over $ 50,000 to defend himself.

Real Fortin has meanwhile not comment on the case since court proceedings are ongoing.

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