Do not demolish parking before Christmas

Do not demolish the parking lot on Depot Street before Christmas. It’s the cry of the heart that Annie Faucher, the co-owner of the Liverpool, a Wellington Street South business, has launched, fearing that business will be damaged during the most lucrative period of the year.
“To begin the demolition of buildings [Wellington Street South] before the holidays, no problem. Demolishing the multi-storey parking lot before this time is another matter. This decision requires reflection and discussion, “she wrote on Facebook.

If the mandate to build two new buildings in the Quartier Well Sud is formally granted to the Groupe Custeau and EXP in the coming weeks, it is possible that the demolition of the Wellington Hotel and the parking stall of the Rue du Dépôt will be planned before Christmas. “Christmas is the time for the rest of the year. If there are more difficult periods with the work that is coming, it will allow us to blow, “says Ms. Faucher.

Remember that at least two years of work are planned in the Wellington Street South area, and business people are already anticipating a desert crossing before taking advantage of the announced revitalization.

The shopkeeper does not go to war against the city, she considers listening. “It’s just that we do not have a timetable and I’m worried. The terraces will be dismantled around mid-October and we can think that work will begin then. I would like us to think about it and explain to me, if we have to demolish before Christmas, why we set this timetable. ”

Annie Faucher adds that the phone is already ringing for holiday bookings. “As Christmas approaches, my clientele becomes more corporate. These are the office parties. There is an issue of proximity to parking that matters. During this period, my business alone fills the storied parking. This is a time when traffic is special. Of course I’m already asking questions about parking. Can we have the best of both worlds and tear down after Christmas? If it’s not possible and you explain it to me, I’ll rally … ”

Ms. Faucher also offers compensation, should we ever reduce the available parking. “Could there be a free period if parking on Depot Street is demolished this fall? My goal is to raise the awareness of our elected officials, to stimulate reflection so that we know what to do before the month of December. ”

Mayor Steve Lussier confirms that the demolition was originally scheduled for this fall. “I’ll ask the question next week at the Grands Travaux. We may be able to proceed in stages. I will meet the services for us to work with traders. ”

Caroline Gravel, Director of the Urban Infrastructure Department, says that it will be necessary to speak with the proponent before establishing the schedule for the demolition. “We still planned parking spaces during the works. We are in discussion with the Department of Transport to add parking on the street of Grandes-Fourches Sud. Traffic studies confirm that it is possible. One lane on each side would be used for parking. We are also in discussion with the SAAQ and the Maxi to use a portion of the land that is there to enlarge parking. ”

According to Steve Lussier, there could be between 250 and 500 temporary parking spaces to make up for the absence of the Depot parking lot.

The construction of a new street between Dépôt and Grandes-Fourches, near the microbrasserie Siboire, will have to be realized before the demolition of the parking lot.

“It would be surprising, however, if the demolition is done all at once and they want to start with the Wellington Hotel. There could probably be parking access through Depot Street. But we have not seen the plans of the promoters yet. We will discuss it Thursday, “adds Caroline Gravel.

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