Diane Tell moved to sing at the Chapel of Rang 1

We will probably talk about it again in 10 years of this performance that the sacred monster of the Quebec song, Diane Tell, presented at the closing of the 2019 season at the Chapelle du Rang 1 of Lac-Mégantic, at the end of the week.
Theexperience and charisma of the diva – in the positive sense of the term – transpired throughout her two shows where she received a delirious welcome, nothing less.

“It’s very moving to sing here … The Lavallée family, what they do is amazing! She said at the outset before starting the ineffable Gilberto, her “first song that crossed the borders,” she said. The audience did not shy away from singing with her, also on the next song, Often Long A lot.

Diane Tell has charmed by her interventions between songs, personal reflections, but also comments on his work. “For my first four CDs, I did everything myself, I did not want collaborators. I changed later … ”

And to interpret the beautiful song of Jacques Brel See a friend cry … Ms. Tell conveys a lot of emotions, while removing a lot of fun to sing beautiful songs written by other artists. She admits that some songs make her remember her father who encouraged her a lot, when she started at age 12, her first time on the stage.

And when she tells, people listen religiously. “I wrote a song, when I was younger, to participate in a contest. In time, there was no voice. The competitions were not artist competitions, they were song competitions. I went there to participate. By telling me that I was going to win with a very beautiful song, well tied, I was sure … In the first round, eliminated, “she says without laughing. He is an illustrious stranger who won the contest. “I do not even remember what he sang,” she says. “My song was if I was a man, my greatest success, who went through four decades, with the most reach, the most listened to. ”

She made an obvious pleasure to her audience by sliding Lac-Mégantic in the lyrics of her songs. Spectators were treated to personalized jewelery – she has a whole collection in her jewel cases – such as Faire Faire Revisit, and the title track of the musical Jimmy’s Legend.

As a gift, she also offered three songs of her new album to be released on October 4, Haiku (named Japanese poem, very coded): He does not love me, Evolene and Me girl, you boy, the latter that she composed words and music with Serge Farley Fortin. An undeniably modern CD, with music confusing and mysterious by bits, which is not without projecting a Diane Tell evolved, even at the height of what she has so far reserved for her fans.

In an interview, she explains that she heard about the Rang 1 Chapel thanks to the journalist Gérald Fillion, from Lambton, who spoke to her, with Sébastien Barenger, of their own friends who have a nice little show room that she should know. .

She said that at first she wrote songs in both languages ​​and sang like that. “At École Marie-de-France, I was with the daughter of the boss of RCA Victor Montréal. She listened to me sing at school, I sang a lot, she inspired me to my first models and I signed a first contract. When I first came to the studio, I had six songs in English and six in French, but I was advised to choose between the two. ”

His shows, generally speaking, are all thought of the same way: a third of songs that the public loves and claims, a third of new songs, and a third chosen to suit the formula of the show, the context of the moment. “I compare that to a restaurant menu. When I go to a restaurant that I like a lot in Paris, I always take his salmon specialty. I would be disappointed if the dish had been removed from its menu, it’s the same for my audience who expects my success! “

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