Death of a baby in Bromont: wave of generosity towards parents

Shocked and helpless in front of the sudden death of a young Bromont couple’s baby, colleagues and friends decided to launch a GoFundMe campaign as a support. In just 24 hours, the target of $ 12,000 was almost met.
“As parents, it’s impossible for them to get out of the way quickly to go back to work,” says Jean-Christophe Leclair, who was spokesman for the group behind the crowdfunding campaign. This money will allow them to take their time without worrying about the financial aspect of the next few weeks or even months. ”

Remember that the Bromont Police Service was called to intervene for the death of a four-month-old baby on Wednesday, December 4, in Bromont.

Despite the resuscitation maneuvers of ambulance services, the death of the infant was noted during his transportation to the hospital. The Bromont police also issued a statement early Tuesday morning to confirm that no criminal element was involved in this sad story.

Woven tight

“We were without words, says the friend of the couple who is also a firefighter in Bromont. We were looking for a way to help. We let the dust fall, we gave them time, and we told them about our idea. Everything was done in agreement with them. ”

In the short text explaining the motives behind the “For Charlie’s relatives” campaign on the GoFundMe platform, we learn that in the case of the death of a baby, the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan ceases benefits one week later. the departure of the child. “If you can get a job in a week, it’s clearly not long enough to pull yourself out of the hole where you plan your baby to leave without returning,” the group says.

“One week is tomorrow (Wednesday, December 11),” commented Mr. Leclair in an interview. And at four months, parents often do not have time to take life insurance. We are here to help them. We really want them to live their mourning without worries. ”

Enabling parents to “get back on their feet at a decent pace” while continuing to care for their other toddler is the goal of the generous soul group.

“They are very well surrounded, said Jean-Christophe Leclair. Families are very present and we are here too. We are really, really a beautiful gang. We stand together and when someone needs, we help each other. “

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