DALBIX is full of medals

The DALBIX Mountain Bike Club was full of medals at the presentation of the Quebec Mountain Bike Championships, which took place at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec City.
Ce are some 800 participants who stormed the Quebec City area ski resort as part of the World Championships in cross country and down hill, followed by the presentation of the Provincial Championship.

Selected by the Canadian team to compete in the junior category, Charles-Antoine Saint-Onge finished in 35th place. Magdelaine Vallières-Mills also put the spotlight on it by taking the 24th place among Junior Women for this grand finale.

Then, at the XCE (Cross Country Eliminator) Provincial Championships, DALBIX won the most medals.

Alexia Harel (1st pee wee), Tristan Taillefer (2nd pee wee), Maxime St-Onge (2nd place), Will Simard (1st place), Zack Duval (2nd place), Jordan Gagné (3rd place) ), Catryana Marcotte (3rd female cadet), Evelyne Ward (2nd U23) and Charles-Antoine St-Onge (1st junior).

DALBIX continued to accumulate success on the second day of competition, as part of the XC0 (Olympic Cross Country) Provincial Championship. Tristan Taillefer (3rd), Maxime St-Onge (3rd), Alexis Bessette (1st Sport 17-29 years), Frédérique Chapdelaine (1st sport 15-29 years), Charles-Antoine St-Onge (2nd Junior), Charles D ‘ loves (3rd Junior), Catryana Marcotte (3rd cadet) and Jasmine Blanchette (2nd Senior 30+) all climbed onto the podium.

Finally, the club was also honored at the crowning of the champions of the Quebec Cup 2019 series. Tristan Taillefer (1st pee wee), Emy Dumont (3rd pee wee woman), Florence Carrier (3rd lowest), Maxime St-Onge (2nd minor), Catryana Marcotte (2nd junior female expert), Médéric Carrier (3rd junior expert), Charles-Antoine St-Onge (1st Junior expert), Alexis Bessette (1st Sport 17-29), Sébastien Carrier (1st Sport 40+), Frédérique Grégoire (2nd Sport 40+), Frédérique (1st Sport 15-29 women), Arianne Michaud (2nd Sport 15-29 women) and Jasmine Blanchette (1st Sport 30+ women) reported medals at home.

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