Conservatives do not close the door to help the media, but …

If they are elected on October 21, the federal Conservatives will not disburse a penny to help newspapers get out of the current crisis. But according to the member for Beauport-Limoilou Alupa Clarke, tax credits or tax cuts are a possible solution.
After established that “the media are extremely important for democracy,” Clarke held to denounce again the assistance program of $ 595 media million over five years announced by the Trudeau government in the spring.

“In the Conservative Party, our goal is always to balance things without taxing Canadians more,” says Clarke. “To find solutions [to the media crisis], it can be through tax credits. But no additional tax or existing tax distributed otherwise. We want to lower taxes for everyone and could find a way through tax credits to help the media survive. ”

Opposition critic for official language issues, Mr. Clarke recognizes the seriousness of the moment, among other things, for newspapers in minority language situations across Canada.

A local issue

On the local scene, he says he himself is investing most of his county office’s advertising budget in local weekly newspapers, the Beauport Express, the Carrefour and Ici l’Info.

“The Conservatives find the journalistic world important, but when we are in power, we will have to find a model not just to send money, but to find a long-term solution,” says the MP.

On the side of the Beauport Business Coalition, a group that Mr. Clarke was originally responsible for, the director of the Dental Center Josée Poulin notes that small businesses have to deal with digital giants like Google and Facebook for their advertising. .

“Digital makes it difficult for small businesses like us to be recognized! We have to deal with the big [digital], we have no choice. It is a necessary evil. But getting involved in our community is the best advertising you can do. Because a person from Lévis will not come to Beauport, “explains Émile Lapierre.

The shorter, the better

As for the upcoming official election call, no later than September 15, MP Clarke believes that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “is very afraid to defend his record. He does not want to start the elections right now, so the shorter one will be better for him. ”

The Liberal record is “mediocre,” according to the official opposition member in Ottawa, “be it in terms of economic management, the governance of his cabinet or the management of our borders.”

He also sees that Mr. Trudeau plans to participate in only two of the five leaders’ debates during the campaign, as opposed to five out of five for Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, proving that the Liberal prime minister “is very afraid of defend his deplorable record “.

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