Claude Beaudoin unveils his Patrol

After developing the Typhoon last year, the mechanical designer Claude Beaudoin returns to the charge with the Patrol, an all-terrain vehicle amphibious to the test of all conditions. In addition to offering superior performance to its competitors, the vehicle is already available in four different models, including one made to measure for fire departments.
Theentrepreneur, who has spent several years in Russia developing vehicles adapted to extreme conditions, firmly believes that his latest achievement, produced by his new company ATAC – V, could dominate the market in the years to come.

Follow his ideas and dreams

“The Typhoon was a very good all-terrain vehicle, but the Patrol is really another beast,” he says. He is very efficient in all weather conditions and will give his competitors, whether Russian or Canadian, a hard time. It can hold 10 people, has a 74 horsepower diesel engine and can go up to 42 km / h on the ground. The vehicle is 19 inches and a half off the ground, so it can go anywhere, even on the water. It is the vehicle to do everything. ”

Speaking of doing everything, the Patrol could be extremely popular for many types of customers, for example fire departments, farmers, mining exploration or gas exploration. Offered at a lower base price than its competitors, the vehicle can be used in different ways thanks to the potential offered by its space and thanks to the presence of hydraulic plugs.

Four models

“The vehicle comes in four models,” says Beaudoin. The Rebel model is for private sports owners who want to spoil themselves and the flat bed model will suit people who want to transport snowmobiles, for example. The fire truck model will put water into the mouth of fire departments and the work truck model, with its front and rear hydraulic intake, could become the vehicle of choice for farmers. ”

With its German HATZ turbo diesel engine, the Patrol meets the highest standards for pollutant emissions. The vehicle moves with a hydrostatic transmission and can be deployed by helicopter to remote areas in no time thanks to its four hooks with a force of 18,000 pounds.

“The hooks for helicopter transport are another element that makes Patrol stand out,” says its creator. It can be transported quickly to a remote forest or to a hard-to-reach location. The vehicle has no limit, it can even move in the icy waters of the north without problem. Its interior is very spacious and visibility is maximum thanks to its large windows. ”

Although he hopes the vehicle is in high demand in Quebec and Canada, Mr. Beaudoin knows that a large part of his future clientele is in the United States.

“There is no company producing all-terrain vehicles in the United States,” he says. Interested consumers will have the choice between a vehicle developed in Canada containing $ 25,000 worth of US parts or a vehicle produced in Russia, less efficient, that they will have to ship. In my opinion, the choice is rather simple. ”

Claude Beaudoin will unveil his patrol to the public Wednesday at 4 pm at the brewery 11 counties of Cookshire-Eaton.

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