Champagne doubts Canadians hold rigor on LPC leader

Shawinigan – Canadians will not hold on to Justin Trudeau because he decided to disguise himself as a black genius in a particular context in 2001, predicts François-Philippe Champagne, outgoing deputy from Saint-Maurice – Champlain and Minister of Infrastructure and Communities.
TheLiberals get caught up in this controversy on Thursday, following the broadcast of a photo released by Time magazine. A cliché that has been around the world shows the face of the Prime Minister made up in black with a turban, as part of a costume party. Wednesday night, Mr. Trudeau apologized for this discrepancy, recognizing that it could be interpreted as a racist gesture. The Global network aired a video on a similar behavior Thursday, recorded at an unknown date.

In Shawinigan, Mr. Champagne spent the early morning of Thursday at the National Audit and Collections Center, greeting the employees for their return to work. Asked to comment on the subject of the day, the person seeking a second term considers that the Prime Minister has responded well by quickly apologizing. At the end of the day, Canadians will know how to balance things up, he believes.

“It was done in a very particular context, the Prime Minister apologized and I think it was the right thing to do,” he says. “Mores have changed and people have another perspective on certain events. I think everyone recognizes that Prime Minister Trudeau is truly the champion of multiculturalism in Canada, diversity. People know the man. ”

“An error in a setting, more than twenty years ago … I think it was the right thing to apologize and afterwards, people will do the right thing,” he adds.

Mr. Champagne does not fear that photos drawn in his past come to haunt his campaign.

“I’m 49 years old and I’m very much aware of what I’ve done in my life,” he explains. “I think I did not do anything that people could blame me at my age. It’s an incident that comes from a certain time and most importantly comes from someone who is the champion of multiculturalism. It was done in the context of a play about twenty years ago in a school. I think people will do the right thing. “

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