Catherine Dorion does not feel to harm QS

(Quebec) Solidary member Catherine Dorion swears that she does not have the impression of harming her party and intends to maintain the same approach during the next parliamentary session.

“I do not have the impression that I have shaded” other Quebec Solidarity MPs, said Ms. Dorion Friday on the sidelines of the session summary of his political party.

The member was accused this fall of contravening decorum, including a Halloween photo taken at the Salon rouge and posted on Instagram, and a hoodie worn at the Salon Bleu .

“I was in media tornadoes, but at the same time I spent long weeks peeling out all kinds of documents, reports, studies from here and elsewhere about the transformations that are taking place in the media community. media, “defended Ms. Dorion.

Solidarity believes that the media are primarily responsible for the media attention it receives.

“When I try to go out on international relations and there is very little feedback, and I see my colleague out about the working conditions of employees in private CHSLDs and that there are very few echoes, I think one might wonder why frivolous things stand out so much. ”

“I do not intend to change approach,” said Catherine Dorion, who received earlier Friday the support of the co-spokesperson of Quebec solidarity, Manon Massé.

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