Canada Labor Code: More time off and breaks starting September 1

More time off, unpaid breaks and a right to refuse overtime for family obligations. As of September 1, 900,000 Canadian workers will receive additional benefits through amendments to the Canada Labor Code that will come into effect.
it is the Canada Labor Code, these changes affect employees under federal jurisdiction, such as air transport, rail transport, banks.

Among other things, each employee will be entitled to an unpaid break of at least 30 minutes after each period of five consecutive hours of work. If he must remain at the disposal of his employer, the break must be paid.

There shall also be a rest period of not less than eight consecutive hours between shifts, except in an emergency.

In addition, under certain conditions, an employee will have the right to refuse to work overtime to fulfill his family obligations with a child or a sick family member.

“We could not say,” Listen, I can not do extra time, I have to get my son to school. ” It was not allowed in the past. With amendments such as this one has just given an employee the right to say, “I have family obligations, I can not accept the extra time,” illustrated in an interview with The Canadian Press on Monday. National Executive Vice-President of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Magali Picard.

Similarly, family-related leave is replaced by a five-day personal leave to cure an illness or injury, to fulfill obligations for a family member. The first three days will be paid if the employee has been working for his employer for at least three months.

Several other changes are made: leave for victims of domestic violence, leave for judicial duties, for example. They result from laws that were passed in 2017 and 2018.

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