Burnotte wants to shoot better

By being more precise during his shots, Sheriff Jules Burnotte believes he can improve his rank in the World Cup biathlon events. On Sunday, Burnotte finished the 10km sprint at 73rd in Ă–stersund, Sweden.
The biathlete concluded the event 2 minutes and 35.4 seconds behind the winner, Norway’s Johannes Thingnes Boe. The latter achieved the best time of the day: 24 min 18.3 s.

The day before, Burnotte finished the mixed 4×4-km relay with 12th place in the company of his Canadian teammates.

The shots were once again his gap.

“I still have work to do on this side,” he told Sportcom agency. I managed to maintain a good pace in skiing, but I slowed considerably in the last lap, which earned me a dozen seats at least. ”

Burnotte was penalized four times during the sprint and knows he can do better. The proof, he finished 48th last year at the Antholz World Cup in Italy.

However, the 22-year-old athlete recently suffered two concussions, which hampered his preparation.

“I do not want this result to be representative of my season. I think it’s quite possible to reach the top 40 on a few occasions and really possible to always be in the top 60. ”

The latter will have the chance to recover Wednesday in Ă–stersund during the presentation of the event of 20 km. This time he will be used to Swedish winds.

“I will go on the course to better tame technical turns and raises,” he told Sportcom. There is a lot to lose in the important parts of the track and I want to make sure I lose as few points as possible. ”

Burnotte will then pay particular attention to the correction of the sights according to the conditions.

“I will have to be alert on the range and react to the signals I have access to,” he admitted after the relay.

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