Broken service to be feared at Hopital Fleurimont and Hotel-Dieu

The CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS faces a particularly difficult time at this time in its teaching hospitals at Hôtel-Dieu and Fleurimont.
“For the next few days, we are calling on people’s understanding for slightly longer wait times, possible postponements or the acceptance of temporary accommodation in CHSLDs. All of these elements will facilitate the teams’ work, “explains Josée Paquette, Director of Human Resources, Communications and Legal Affairs.

While the last summer weeks have been spent avoiding the breakage of care and services, as unveiled elsewhere La Tribune this week, several converging factors come to make the situation a little more precarious for the days to come.

“The holidays of several staff members now extending through October, the return to school of our hard-working students who have greatly supported us this summer, the granting of study vacations to candidates in the practice of the profession. nurses who will take their examination of the Order next week and the maximum use of the capacity of our beds and our surgical trays are the main reasons that put us in this reality for the next few days, “adds Josée Paquette.

In recent months, several means have been put in place to remedy the glaring lack of staff, but these do not yet meet all needs.

The collaboration of the internal community to lend a hand to their colleagues, by expressing their additional availability, is again solicited to stabilize the current situation. Research nurses, specialized nurse practitioners (known as super nurses) and managers who have retained their nursing skills have been called in to help meet some of the needs.

The management of the institution is monitoring the situation closely and reassuring the public that, despite everything, the safety of care and services remains the priority. She also praises the commitment and professionalism of the care teams and medical teams.

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