Bitfarms completes phase 1 in former Sherwood

SHERBROOKE – The facilities of the Bitfarms cryptocurrency firm in the former Sherwood factory came on stream a few days ago. Investments of US $ 20 million were required. For now, the capacity of the facilities is about 12 megawatts.
Des server connections should increase capacity to nearly 30 megawatts in a few weeks. Eventually the site should consume 98 megawatts. In terms of employment, the company expects to create two to three jobs per megawatt.

Recall that the company must make load shedding, that is to say to reduce its electricity consumption during peak periods.

“When there is a peak period when Hydro-Sherbrooke no longer has a surplus, we must unplug our machines, admits Bahador Zabihiyan, director of public relations. It happens in theory about 300 hours a year. “

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