Beaudin accuses the mayor of breaking a promise

Évelyne Beaudin accuses Mayor Steve Lussier of breaking a promise made at La Tribune. She contends that the Mayor had stated, when approving the abandonment of part of the public notices in the newspapers, that investments in the digital version of the newspaper were planned. Steve Lussier retorts that the discussions with the daily led the municipality to consider other ways of doing things.
TheIn October 2018, the council’s mayor and council president said that another solution would be implemented [rather than the publication of public notices in the paper version]. Images and examples, they told us that Sherbrooke would follow the example of Granby by displaying, on the electronic application of La Tribune, a link to the public notices of the City. A year later, my team and I noticed that this link still does not appear … In investigating, we learned that finally, the City of Sherbrooke had changed its mind and decided, without informing the council members, not to implement this visibility tool for public notices. It’s still unfortunate,

“I hope that my council colleagues, who last week refused to invest $ 15,000 in advertising to help La Tribune during this transition period, will realize that this is a real problem. It is not only with moral support and beautiful words that we will save our lives, but with concrete and immediate actions. ”

“Profitable for everyone”

The acting head of Sherbrooke Citizen at the same time publishes a video of the meeting of October 1, 2018 in which the mayor reports that “people can open the tablet and view public notices week after week.”

Asked about the issue, Steve Lussier reports that municipal services have not stopped working on the issue in the last year. “It was not quite what we wanted. It was suggested to better communicate the elements related to our work, to highlight our projects and explain the routes that could take the citizens. We still invested $ 128,000 in La Tribune in 2018 and 2019 is not over. We do not do it out of charity, but because it’s good for everyone. We do not let anyone down. ”

Mr. Lussier recalls that he sits on the committee of leaders who work to revive the daily life of Rue Roy. “It brings me to think of other things that could be done. It could move towards other ideas. If it did not interest me, I would not be here. ”

Deputy Executive Director Marie-France Delage is also working on the City’s communication methods, including media placements. “She came to present me this to the executive committee and it should go to the board soon. I have seen what is coming and I see only positive. “

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