Aubry wants to continue on the same vein

The Bishop’s University Gaiters (1-1) will have one fewer day to refine their preparations for the Saint Mary’s Huskies (1-0). Hurricane Dorian’s approach forced the university authorities to overtake the match on Friday, rather than Saturday. But no matter the delay, rookie quarterback Charles Aubry wants to continue in the same vein.
Celui, who played in the first game as a starter last Saturday against the Mount Allison X-Men, was sparkling in this first Gaiters victory in 2017, with a score of 32-19. It was actually Mauves’ first win at home since September 24, 2017, when Bishop’s beat St. Mary’s by 30-29.

Aubry (264 yards, 3 touchdowns and a touchdown), along with teammate linebacker Louve Moussenguet, were named offensive and defensive players of the week at the Maritime Conference.

The young man, who played with the Nordiques Lionel-Groulx college, confirms that the first game of the season against Acadia, was a long period of adaptation.

“It was a different level. It was difficult, the guys are big, they are faster. We also go from football to four tries, to three trials. It involves more passes, so I like that! I had to adapt quickly. I was a little disappointed not to be the starter, but I understood the situation, I trust Coach Chérif (Nicolas). ”

“I knew at the beginning of the preparation week that I was going to be the starter against the X-Men; but it did not change anything in my preparation. I adapted to the stress and the game. I was more confident, and it seemed. Mentally, I knew what to expect. ”

Charles Aubry has lived moments of enthusiasm rarely seen on the synthetic Bishop’s in recent years.

“Winning is always fun. I had not seen such a big crowd! The atmosphere was really special, it is very pleasant to contribute to the success of the team. ”

After 2013, which saw quarterback Jordan Heather win the HEC Crighton Trophy for the best university football player in the country, the Gaiters have had all sorts of hardships in earning points and winning.

That’s why Cherif Nicolas was full of praise for the recruitment of Aubry, who had a solid pass at the college level. Moreover, Aubry and another young recruit, Nathan Lupien (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu) have developed a great complicity in this victory against Mount Allison. ” I trust him. I played against him at college and I know what he can do. ”

“I chose to play Bishop’s for the challenge, to help advance the program in my own way. I was approached by other programs, but I felt that here I could play fast and study in English. ”

“For the rest, I do not change anything, no matter the pressure. We are able to reproduce what we did on Saturday. “

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