Attack of dogs in Potton: the victim salutes the arrest of the owner

The arrest of Allen Barnes by the Sûreté du Québec gave hope to Dominique Alain, who was attacked by dogs that belonged to this citizen of Potton on March 29th.
“I learned that Barnes had been arrested in the last days. When I received the information, I thought the file was moving forward. I hope now that justice will be done. It takes criminal negligence charges in this case. I think his behavior deserves prison, but it will be up to the judge to decide, “says Ms. Alain.

The daughter of MP Gilles Bélanger attacked by a dog

In the same breath, she argues that the three beasts she was a victim of were truly dangerous. Recall that a man said he was assaulted by the three animals several months before the March 29 attack.

“I was not the first victim of these dogs. I could have lost my life. It’s unforgivable on the part of Barnes. People who mow lives or hurt people driving drunk, we do not forgive them. I do not see why he deserves a pardon, “argues Dominique Alain.

Ms. Alain has undergone several operations since the attack and continues her rehabilitation both physically and psychologically. She has seen her quality of life drop significantly because some of her members no longer have the strength and flexibility they had before.

“I am still making progress with the extraordinary care I receive. But I have significant physical damage even though I started driving an automatic car again. And I also have a psychological trauma that makes me afraid of dogs, animals I love at the base, “she reveals.

Another attack

In addition, Ms. Alain confesses to have been disturbed when she learned that the daughter of MP Gilles Bélanger, Genevieve, had been the victim of a dog attack on Friday.

“This new attack has bothered me a lot. She was lucky in her bad luck we can say because she was not hurt too badly. Nevertheless, it is another deplorable event. ”

According to Dominique Alain, it would be desirable for Geneviève Bélanger to report the attack she suffered on the police, regardless of the seriousness of her injuries. “It’s important that this kind of event be recorded somewhere. The animal involved shows signs of danger and we do not know what it will do in the future. This is not the kind of event that should be taken lightly, “she says.

Ms. Bélanger was attacked in the area of ​​Little Magog Lake. The beast who bit him accompanied two strangers who were walking in roller blades.

The insurance

In recent months, Dominique Alain has done a little experiment to find out what is the position of insurance companies regarding dog breeds considered more dangerous. She found that the latter are cautious when it comes to these breeds, among which we find pit bulls.

“I called some of them to find out if they would agree to insurance for a dog of a dangerous breed with my home insurance. The companies did not want to touch that. They know the potential for danger, “she says.

Considering that breeds are shunned by insurers, Ms. Alain wonders how it is that pro-animal lobbies claim that all dogs represent the same danger. “Why do veterinarians, the SPA and the SPCA do not want to talk about this issue? I think there should be more transparency. There is information that is not accessible and deserves to be, “she says.

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