At work cycling for 31 years

Jean Pinard says it himself. Thirty-one years ago, he was one of those “extraterrestrials” who came and came back from work by bike. A 25-kilometer loop during which horns, jeers, fists and fingers of honor were part of his daily itinerary.
Tkings decades later, federal official is delighted to see more and more people adopt the same mode of transport him. “I have never regretted making that decision,” he says. When I get to work in the morning or at home in the evening, after cycling these twenty-five kilometers, I feel good. “

Involved for 15 years in the Sherbrooke Cycling Club, Jean Pinard was therefore the ideal candidate to assume the honorary presidency of the Sustainable Mobility Week which will take place in Sherbrooke from September 16 to 22.

Although the “skirmishes” between cyclists and motorists are still numerous in the streets of the city, Jean Pinard does not blame solely on motorists. According to him, cyclists also have their share of responsibility when it comes to sharing the road.

“It’s not because we’re on a bike that we do not have to respect the signs,” he says. Whether it is a mandatory stop or a red light, even if there is no one around, it must be respected. And motorists must also understand that they must consider cyclists around them. If only to signal that a turn is made. Sometimes, it is to wonder if the signaling arm does not come as an option in some vehicles … ”

“A lot of progress”

As Chair of the Sustainable Mobility Committee, Marc Denault is delighted to see that more and more Sherbrooke residents are choosing to use the various alternative modes of transportation that exist in the city. A trend that has been observed in practice since the first Sustainable Mobility Week, launched eight years ago:

“We can say that in eight years, we made a lot of progress in Sherbrooke in terms of sustainable mobility. We have invested not only in the development, but we also have a Sustainable Mobility Plan to which citizens, businesses and citizens adhere. If we compare to where we were eight years ago, we can say that there has been a noticeable change in culture with respect to sustainable mobility. ”

Several activities to raise public awareness of sustainable mobility in their travels are planned for this week.

The Solo-Free Challenge will encourage businesses to encourage active commuting to work. The Sherbrooke Sustainable Mobility Center will issue free passes to its partners to test public transit.

Friday, September 20 will be Park (ing) Day during which companies are invited to turn some parking spaces into friendly space. On the same day, Jacques-Cartier Park will serve as a test bed for several means of transportation listed on the event’s website at: .

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