At the Karate Worlds at 16

Lea Morin is only 16 years old, but that does not prevent the Sherbrookoise to be among the top three karatekas of the continent, despite the fact that she can face older competitors. At the end of October, she will be representing her country at the kata kate world junior championship and can certainly dream of one day competing in the Olympics.
Awhile her friends were practicing soccer or even swimming when she was a young child, Léa Morin, she practiced karate.

“When I was little, I often kicked my parents. So they decided to send me to a karate school. I was not interested in dancing or other girls’ sports. What I wanted to do was become a karate champion. ”

And that’s what she did. Ranging to third place in the Pan American Championships.

“But I do not fight in international competitions. Only on the provincial or national scene. Katas, that’s what I like to do the most. Because they are never perfect and I can always improve them. In this ordeal, everything rests on me. I have my destiny in my hands and that’s what I like, “she says.

Katas are one of the Olympic karate events and consist of series of movements. They also allow the transmission of techniques and principles of combat.

Against the cream of the crop

This time, the former Canadian champion in the 14-15 age group was aiming for a top 5 at the Pan American Games.

“I was hoping for a podium above all. But the top 5 was important because I did not win the Nationals this year and a top 5 at the Panamericans allowed me to get a ticket for the Worlds, presented in Santiago, Chile. Third place is my best result in my three Panam races, “she notes.

After having lived the experience in Ecuador and Brazil, it is with greater confidence that Léa Morin presented herself at the most important competition of her young career a week ago.

“I was ready and I knew what would await me. So I was less stressed. I also feel better surrounded by my coaches Stéphane Joyal and Eric Joly. I also receive the help of Excellence sportif Sherbrooke, which is very important in my development. ”

That’s why she says she is mature today for the big day: the Worlds.

“I can not wait to compete with the cream of the crop,” she says. I am curious to know where I am at the international level. I’m going to go one kata at a time, without putting pressure on myself and without setting specific goals because it will be a first for me. The simple fact of having gone there is already a first goal! Summed up the young athlete.

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